10-8-13 minutes

St. Charles City-County Library District
Board of Trustees
October 8, 2013

The St. Charles City-County Library District Board of Trustees met at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at the Deer Run Branch. This branch is located at 1300 North Main St., O’Fallon, MO, 63366.
Board Members present:

  • Justin Collier (arrived at 7:10 pm)
  • Jerry Cook
  • Myra Crook
  • Lisa DeClue
  • Joann Leykam (arrived at 7:15 pm)
  • Mary Reese
  • John Thoelke
  • Gail Zumwalt

Board Members absent:

  • Georganne MacNab

Library Staff present:

  • Jim Brown, Director
  • Margaret Conroy, Assistant Director
  • Maggie Preiss, Children’s Resources and Marketing Manager
  • Richard Schultz, Finance and Support Services Manager
  • Pat Batzel, Human Resources Manager
  • Sara Nielsen, Branch Manager, Minis and Expresses and Adult Programming
  • Ann King, Branch Manager, Kathryn Linnemann Branch
  • Tim Deghelder, Branch Manager, Deer Run Branch
  • Martha Radginski, Branch Manager, Middendorf-Kredell Branch
  • Diana Tucker, Branch Manager, Corporate Parkway
  • Laurie St. Laurent, Branch Manager, Spencer Road Branch
  • Vivienne Beckett, Branch Manager, Kisker Road
  • Asia Gross, Branch Manager, McClay Branch

Joe Quinlisk, Volunteer at Deer Run Branch and MLS student

President Jerry Cook called the meeting to order at 7 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Seven members responded to roll call. Dr. Cook opened the floor for public comments. No requests were made at this time.

The following reports were included in the Board packet.

  • Financial Report—Rick Schultz
  • Director’s Report—Jim Brown
  • Development Report—Kristin Williams
  • Strategic Initiatives and Planning—Strategic Initiative 4.1 Update on Clarifying Programming Philosophy
  • A report is included in your packet; unfortunately, Kristin Williams fell ill today and is unable to attend tonight’s meeting.
  • Monthly Statistical Report
  • Activities Report
  • Jim Brown gave a public thank you and congratulations to staff on the hugely successful Brandon Mull program at Spencer Road Branch! The program attracted over 400 attendees, much more than staff expected! The huge crowd made for a very fun and busy evening!
  • 2013 Program Report—Maggie Preiss and Sara Nielsen
  • Maggie Preiss provided a very detailed report on Children’s programs for FY12 and FY13. The report provided appropriate definitions and statistics for the various event types in addition to indicating the success the District has had with Childrens’ programs over the last few fiscal years.
  • Sara Nielsen reported on Adult and Teen programs. The new Event system that the District uses for all programs provides more accurate reporting and statistics. Also, the Community Commons allows the District to host larger events and programs comfortably. As is the case with the Childrens’ programs, the Adult programs have increased in both number and attendance over the last few fiscal years. Ms. Nielsen’s report also identified that each branch appears to have a set ‘program strength’. For example, McClay has great success with craft programs. Expanding the types of programs within each branch is a focus of the Strategic Plan.
  • Making a Difference: Freegal Music Use
  • Correspondence
  • John Thoelke inquired about the annual audit. Rick Schultz responded that the fieldwork has been completed and the auditors are working on completing it.
  • Consent Agenda
  • Minutes from September 10, 2013 Work session
  • Minutes from September 10, 2013 Meeting

MOTION: Mary Reese moved to approve the
Consent Agenda. Gail Zumwalt seconded. Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.



Agenda Item 14-13 Recording Secretary Stipend Increase
This agenda item was tabled at last month’s meeting.
MOTION: Myra Crook moved to remove Agenda Item 14-13 from the table. Joann Leykam seconded. Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.

Several questions surfaced at the September meeting regarding the long-standing stipend for the Recording Secretary for the Board of Trustees. Pat Batzel, Human Resource Manager, researched other government municipalities and neighboring library districts regarding their recording secretaries. Most of the entities surveyed incorporate the recording secretary responsibilities into an employee’s job description. The other question was whether or not it was even legal to pay the recording secretary a stipend. The answer to this question is yes, there appears to be no legal issue with paying the recording secretary.

Jim Brown recommended three options based on the answers to the questions.
1. Raise the stipend to $175 per meeting as proposed last month.
2. Keep the stipend at $150 per meeting as it currently exists.
3. Fold the recording secretary responsibilities into a current job description.
MOTION: John Thoelke moved to approve option three and incorporate the Recording Secretary responsibilities into the Administrative Assistant job description effective in January, 2014. Myra Crook seconded. Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.

Agenda Item 14-14 McClay Branch Change Orders
Three change orders were presented for informational
purpose only. All of the change orders are under the
$10,000.00 limit required for approval. Below is a summary of the change orders:
Change Order 001: Mold and restroom repairs at $6,347.00
Change Order 002: Broken sink in men’s room at $176.34
Change Order 003: Additional electrical work at $5,211.00
Total for all three change orders is $11,734.34. There is no action needed at this time.


Agenda Item 14-16 Policy c281 Library Programs
The proposed policy replaces the current policy which is titled Programming—Adult. The new policy covers all age groups as well as incorporates the District’s mission and vision statements. The new policy states a line of authority, open access to all, and information about presenters, locations, registrations, marketing, photography, customer feedback, as well as accommodations for the disabled.
MOTION: Mary Reese moved to accept Policy c281 Library Programs to replace Policy c281 Programming—Adult. Myra Crook seconded. Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.

Agenda Item 14-17 Policy c128 Fines
The circulation supervisors initiated a revision to this policy in order to provide consistency to the customers as well as better reflect the actual practice in the branches. Six specific changes were outlined in the agenda memo that accompanied the revision.

Agenda Item 14-18 Policy c192 Interlibrary Loan
Given the fact that fines are not necessarily an incentive for returning ILL items by their due date, this policy revision reflects current library practice.
Agenda Item 14-19 Policy c192.05 Interlibrary Loan, Denial of Service
This portion of the policy has been simplified and certain repetitive language removed from the policy.

Agenda Item 14-20 Policy c192.5 Interlibrary Loan, Reciprocity of Fees
There are no revisions to this portion of the policy at this time; however incorporating its review into the review of the overall policy will allow the date of review to be updated.
MOTION: Joann Leykam moved to approve Policy c128 Fines and Policies c192 Interlibrary Loan, Denial of Service (c192.05), and Reciprocity of Fees (c192.5) as presented. Gail Zumwalt seconded. Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.
Agenda Item 14-21 Policy e400 Personnel Action Form (PAF)
The main initiative in revising this policy is to update the signatures required and delegate authority. As the District has more than doubled in size over the years, the policy behind the PAF has never been updated. It is increasingly difficult to require the Director and the Assistant Director to sign all PAFs.
This form is used to record any and all action involving employees, their personnel files, or anything that requires payroll action. Signature requirements include:

  • The employee must sign all PAFs.
  • Their supervisor must sign all PAFs.
  • The Branch or Department Manager must sign all PAFs.
  • HR Manager must sign all PAFs.
  • Finance/Support Services Manager must sign all PAFs.
  • Assistant Director must sign all PAFs for employees in Salary Track D and above.
  • Director must sign all PAFs for employees in Salary Track F and above.

The final change to the policy is that “employees may view their personnel file in the presence of the Human Resources Manager or approved designee. A copy of the PAF may be given to the employee, upon request, if the employee has signed the PAF”.
MOTION: The Personnel sub-Committee has viewed, approved, and recommended the changes to the policy. Mary Reese moved to accept the new, revised Personnel Action Form (PAF) and accompanying policy. Motion passes eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.

Agenda Item 14-22 Policy e075 Dress Appropriate for Employees
Updates to the policy include guidelines for name tags, shirts, slacks, skirts/dresses, shoes, hair, piercings/tattoos, and colognes or perfumes. The District’s expectation is that individuals consider their “position, duties, customer contact, and safety standards when choosing their work attire.” Also noted in the new policy is that “the responsibility to ensure that employees are meeting acceptable standards of dress lies with the immediate supervisor.” This allows the branch managers to use their own discretion to address concerns within their own location.
Joann Leykam inquired whether the proposed changes to the policy have been reviewed by the District’s legal counsel. Pat Batzel indicated that legal counsel has not reviewed the proposed changes.
MOTION: John Thoelke moved to table Agenda Item 14-22 Policy e075 Dress Appropriate for Employees in order to allow legal counsel to review the changes. Joann Leykam seconded. Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.

Agenda Item 14-23 Customer Analysis, Segmentation, & Engagement Strategies RFP
The District received one formal response, OrangeBoy Inc., to the RFP. OrangeBoy’s bid for the proposal was $76,000.00. The contract is an 18 month contract with the bulk of the fieldwork during the first six months. Payments on the contract would come from the FY14 ($60,624.99) and FY15 ($15,375.01) budgets. The market and customer analysis portions of the project will be complete by March, 2014. The development and maintenance of the dashboard will follow the analysis, and will be the fundamental piece for the District. The District should have actionable information available for the FY15 budget process which begins in March or April, 2014.
Joann Leykam inquired about the deliverable schedule and payment arrangements. The contract needs to be clearly defined in regard to a no penalty clause, payments made when information is delivered, etc.
Dr. Cook inquired about whether or not the Finance Committee needed to review the contract before signing it. Jim Brown indicated that he would have the contract reviewed by legal counsel.

Jerry Cook shared information regarding the Personnel and Finance sub-committees that surfaced in conversations with Jim Brown.
First, Dr. Cook and Jim Brown are of the opinion that the sub-committees should report updates during the monthly open sessions. If a specific individual personnel situation should arise, it can be handled in a closed session. Each sub-committee shall hold a regularly scheduled meeting, and then provide an update to the full Library Board of Trustees and staff on a regular basis.
New trustees to the Library Board should be involved on the sub-committees also. This change will require a change to the Board of Trustees’ bylaws. In order to accomplish the update to the bylaws, the change will be put on the November agenda, reviewed and voted on in December, and effective in January.
Jim Brown distributed a very tentative 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan to the Trustees. Joann Leykam inquired whether or not the District has a Facility Maintenance Plan. Jim Brown responded that the District does not currently have a formal written plan. This is one of the strategic initiatives and work is underway to develop a written plan.

MOTION: John Thoelke moved to adjourn the meeting. Gail Zumwalt seconded. Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.
The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted
April C. Wootten, Recording Secretary
Secretary, Board of Trustees Date