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St. Charles City-County Library District

Board of Trustees Minutes

February 11, 2014

The St. Charles City-County Library District Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, February 11 at the Middendorf-Kredell Branch Library located at 2750 Hwy K in O’Fallon, MO.

Board Members present:  

  • Jerry Cook
  • Myra Crook
  • Lisa DeClue
  • Joann Leykam
  • Georganne MacNab
  • Mary Reese
  • John Thoelke

Board members absent:

  • Justin Collier
  • Gail Zumwalt

Library Staff present:

  • Jim Brown, Director
  • Margaret Conroy, Assistant Director
  • Richard Schultz, Finance and Support Services Manager
  • Kristin Williams, Planning & Development Manager
  • Maggie Preiss, Children’s Resources and Marketing Manager
  • Pat Batzel, Human Resources Manager
  • Frank Noto, IT Manager
  • Martha Radginski, Branch Manager, Middendorf-Kredell Branch
  • Ann King, Branch Manager, Kathryn Linnemann Branch
  • Laurie St. Laurent, Branch Manager, Spencer Road Branch
  • Vivienne Beckett, Branch Manager, Kisker Road Branch
  • Diana Tucker, Branch Manager, Corporate Parkway Branch
  • Sara Nielsen, Branch Manager, Community Branches and Adult Programming

President Jerry Cook called the meeting to order at 7:15pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The seven members of the Board listed above as present responded to roll call.  

Jerry Cook opened the floor for public comments. 

Mr. Douglas Howard of O’Fallon, MO shared his concerns regarding the changes in the magazine reading area at the Middendorf-Kredell Branch.  He would like the area to be shielded from noise and traffic.  He stated that a recent change in how magazines are displayed and stored makes it difficult to find specific magazine issues. management staff will follow up with Mr. Howard regarding his concerns.

Reports and Correspondence

Financial Report:  Cash balance, comparison of estimated and actual revenue, and fy14 expenditures compared to budget through January 31 were reported.

Director’s Report:

Jim Brown reported that three proposals for HR, Payroll and Timekeeping software had been received.  The proposals were reviewed to determine if they met the specifications of the RFP.  Each of the three companies has been invited to provide a vendor presentation.  A number of staff who will be working with the components of the software will attend the presentations and provide feedback.  A cost analysis will also be conducted.  Jim Brown plans to have a recommendation by the end of March.

Jim Brown summarized the recent meetings with OrangeBoy.  Staff will be meeting with representatives of the company on February 19 & 20 to review survey results and the cluster analysis of St. Charles City-County Library customers. 

Jim Brown announced that Robin Lunatto had accepted the Executive Administrative Assistant position and would start her new position supporting the Director and Assistant Director on February 24. 

Strategic Initiatives & Planning-Quarterly Update:

A snapshot of the plan to date was distributed.  Kristin Williams reported that many of the initiatives and objectives were either complete or near completion.  The next phase will be to capture the process, work and outcomes in a master document that can be shared with public and staff. Joann Leykam referred to the plan snapshot and inquired whether the plan would be in place for a welcoming, safe environment or whether the mechanism for creating the plan was being created.  Margaret Conroy reported that a strategy with the steps needed to create a welcoming and safe environment would be in place.  Kristin Williams stated that as the current plan was completed, the OrangeBoy findings and data would be used to formulate and measure initiatives for the new plan.  Joann Leykam asked if a glimpse of the OrangeBoy data could be provided at the March meeting.  John Thoelke inquired when the new planning process might begin.  Kristin Williams thought sometime in 2015.

Monthly Statistical Report: report of January circulation, gate count, and computer usage and comparison with previous fiscal year was included in the packet. 

Correspondence: none.


Minutes from 14 January 2014 Meeting

MOTION:  Myra Crook moved to accept the consent agenda.  Mary Reese seconded.  Motion approved seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and two absent


14-38 Fiscal Year 2013 Audit

The Finance Committee met with the staff and auditor to review the fy13 audit and management letter.  The auditor reported a clean audit of the financial records of the District.  Jim Brown pointed out that the audit included financial information for two additional entities:  the Foundation and the 6320 Corporation.  The 6320 Corporation which exists to hold debt has been dormant for some time.  Joann Leykam suggested the Finance Committee review the status of the 6320 Corporation.

It is the recommendation of the Finance Committee to accept the FY2013 Audit. 

MOTION:  John Thoelke moved to accept the FY13 Audit.  Motion approved seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and two absent

14-39 Policy C024.5 Acceptable Use-Electronic Information Systems-Federal Government Information

Margaret Conroy discussed the need to update the current policy to reflect the new Congressional Districts served by the Government Documents collection.   Following the 2010 census, the boundaries of Congressional Districts were redrawn.   The Government Printing Office requires that library policy include the specific Districts whose constituents have free and open access to the documents and online resources of the Deposit Collection.  The policy should be updated to include the 2nd and 3rd Districts instead of the 9th.

MOTION:  Joann Leykam moved to adopt the updated Acceptable Use-Electronic Information Systems-Federal Government Information policy.  John Thoelke seconded.  Motion approved seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and two absent

14-40 Boone’s Trail Capital Project

Margaret Conroy requested the release of $50,000 in Capital Project funds in order to proceed with the remodeling of the Boone’s Trail Branch.  The project will include carpet, paint, endpanels, and re-working of the circulation area.  John Thoelke asked if the project had been bid out.  Margaret Conroy reported the District has cost estimates and is now ready to go out for bid.  Margaret Conroy stated she hoped to begin the project in April.  Joann Leykam suggested the District secure bids before the funds are released.

MOTION:  Joann Leykam moved to table the request for release of capital project funds for the remodeling of the Boone’s Trail Branch until bids have been received.  Georganne MacNab seconded.  Motion approved seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and two absent

Other Business

Bylaws of the Board:  Georganne MacNab requested Board President Jerry Cook establish a temporary committee to review the Bylaws of the Board and make recommendations for changes.  She does not feel the revision will be too complex.  She has some notes on changes already.

MOTION:  Joann Leykam moved that an ad hoc committee be formed to review the Bylaws of the Board and make recommendations for changes.  John Thoelke seconded.  Motion approved seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and two absent. 

Jerry Cook will appoint a committee of three Board members and ask them to bring recommendations to the June meeting.  Georganne MacNab volunteered to serve on the committee.

March Meeting:  Jerry Cook reported that the Personnel Committee invited the entire Board to attend the Personnel Committee meeting at 6:00 pm on March 11 at the Corporate Parkway Branch.

MOTION:  Georganne MacNab moved to adjourn the meeting.  Mary Reese seconded.  Motion approved seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and two absent

The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Margaret A. Preiss

Acting Recording Secretary




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