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2020 Photo Contest

Summer Challenge Photo Contest

1st & 2nd Place Winners!

Age Categories
Age 12 & Under Age 13 - 17      Age 18 & Up        

First Place - Age 12 & Under

Photo by Kayla

In March of this year we were all kind of scared and unsure of what was going to happen. Suddenly we all had to stay at home. We couldn't go to restaurants, school, grandparents' houses and so much more. One thing we were still able to do was go hiking. This experience really gave me and my family something to do and it was a lot of fun! I then realized that there was nature all around me. So I started to take pictures. I looked for all the beautiful flowers and trees I could find. I found that taking pictures really took my mind off of what was going on in the world. The photo I'm entering is a black and white photo of two trees. I'm entering this photo because I think that it seems very mysterious and kind of like the time that we are in.

Second Place - 12 & Under

Photo by Aurora

This photo captures my story because I really like to be outside and this was a picture I took with my family while we were on a walk.

First Place - Age 13 - 17

Photo by Kelly

Every summer we come to our lake house and every night we sit and look out onto the lake. We see many beautiful sunsets and in this picture, I tried to capture how calming and relaxing nighttime skies can really be.

Second Place - Age 13 - 17

Photo by Grace

This photo was taken when I went to go fly an RC airplane with my father. I did it begrudgingly at first but my dad showed me how each part of the airplane works together to make it fly, and how useful they actually were in the modern society. I took this photo at first just because but then my dad said that he really wanted it.

First Place - Age 18 & Up

Photo by Jeffery

This time of quarantine has taught me to hold tight to those we love. This time has been especially challenging as we are teaching our black son to love his skin, to hold his head high, and to still embrace being a kid.

Second Place - Age 18 & Up

Photo by Rachel

Life is a party! Even with a pandemic, a cancelled birthday party, and life not being the norm, there is always a reason to dance. Through Covid-19 our son had a birthday and friends from all over the country mailed cards to him, and we stuck them to our fireplace. We ended with a confetti dance party. This is part of my story. When things are tough, we find joy in the small things!