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St. Charles City-County Library District

Board of Trustees Minutes

March 11, 2014

The St. Charles City-County Library District Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, March 11th, at the Corporate Parkway Branch Library located at 1200 Corporate Parkway, Wentzville, Missouri.

Board Members present:  

  • Justin Collier
  • Jerry Cook
  • Myra Crook
  • Lisa DeClue
  • Joann Leykam
  • Georganne MacNab
  • John Thoelke
  • Gail Zumwalt

Board Members absent:

  • Mary Reese

Library Staff present:

  • Jim Brown, Director
  • Margaret Conroy, Assistant Director
  • Richard Schultz, Finance and Support Services Manager
  • Pat Batzel, Human Resources Manager
  • Frank Noto, IT Manager
  • Karen Guccione-Englert, Extension Services Specialist
  • Martha Radginski, Branch Manager, Middendorf-Kredell Branch
  • Ann King, Branch Manager, Kathryn Linnemann Branch
  • Vivienne Beckett, Branch Manager, Kisker Road Branch
  • Diana Tucker, Branch Manager, Corporate Parkway Branch
  • Tim DeGhelder, Branch Manager, Deer Run Branch
  • Asia Gross, Branch Manager, McClay Branch               

President Jerry Cook called the meeting to order at 7:08pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The eight members of the Board listed above as present responded to roll call.  Dr. Cook opened the floor for public comments.  No requests for time were received.

Reports and Correspondence

The following reports were included in the Board packet.

  • Financial Report:  Cash balance, comparison of actual vs. estimated revenue, and fy14 expenditures compared to budget through February 28 were reported.
  • Director’s Report:
  • Monthly Statistical Report:  Report of February Circulation Statistics/Gate Count and PC Time and Print Usage Statistics were included in the packet. 
  • Special Statistics Report – Reciprocity Summary:  Jim Brown reported that the St. Charles City County Library District has participated in a reciprocal borrowing agreement with St. Louis County, St. Louis Public Libraries and the Municipal Library Consortium for more than 14 years.  This program has been very successful.  It allows individuals who reside in the service areas of the libraries covered by the reciprocity agreement to obtain a library card/borrow materials from the other institutions.  Each of the participating libraries pay a nominal fee per item checked out from the lending library.  At the end of FY12, the total cost for this program was approximately $31,000.  This cooperative venture between area library districts was recognized by the   St. Louis RCGA with a “what works in the region” award.

Activities Report – Children’s Services and Marketing: The Children’s Resources and Marketing Activities Report for January-March 2014 was included in the packet.

FY 14 Public Service Workload Projections:  A summary of Circulation, Reference/Reader Service and Reserves was included in the Board packet.  A separate handout, including a summary and detailed spreadsheets, was distributed to the Trustees at the meeting.  Jim Brown explained that this information is used as part of the evaluation process for personnel requests.  Staff is working to develop some measurements for programming, an area we are expanding.  We are working on collecting statistics to integrate into this report and for state and national reporting.

  • OrangeBoy Update:  A document titled “OrangeBoy Customer and Market Segmentation Analysis Review” was distributed at the meeting.  The document outlined Phase 1 – Market Assessment (Cardholder Assessment and Market Analysis) and Phase 2 – Cluster Development (Cardholder Survey, Cardholder Segmentation and Functional Cost Analysis).  A discussion was held about the cluster analysis data.

As requested at the February Board meeting, a small sampling of the information presented by OrangeBoy was handed out at the meeting.  The sampling included:

                Cluster cards which give a basic description and statistics for each cluster

                A cost analysis for each cluster

                A pie chart of the percent of total customers for each cluster

At this time, Board members requested that all handouts for the Board of Trustees Meeting be sent with the electronic board packet instead of being distributed the night of the meeting.  It was also requested that the paper board packet no longer be mailed and only the electronic version of the board packet be sent by e-mail the Friday before the meeting.  The complete board packet for the April 8th meeting will be distributed by e-mail on Friday, April 4th.  No printed board packet will be mailed prior to the April 8th meeting.    A complete printed board packet will be available at the meeting.

  • Making a Difference – Extension Services Update:  Karen Guccione-Englert reported the current status for the Books to You and Ready to Read programs. 

Correspondence: none.


Minutes from 11 February 2014 Meeting

MOTION:  Joann Leykam moved to accept the consent agenda.  Gail Zumwalt seconded.  Motion approved eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and one absent



Agenda Item 14-40 Boone’s Trail Capital Project

Margaret Conroy requested the release of $50,995 in Capital Project funds in order to proceed with the remodeling of the Boone’s Trail Branch.  The project will encompass flooring and end-panel replacement, new paint and construction of a more accessible circulation desk (cabinetry and lighting).  Funds would include the cost of a shelf mover (for carpet installation) and ceiling tile inspections, with a contingency for unexpected issues that may be uncovered in the process.   The costs provided were a combination of bids, cooperative purchase agreements and estimates.

MOTION:  Myra Crook moved to approve the release of $50,995 in capital project funds for the remodeling of the Boone’s Trail Capital Project.  John Thoelke seconded.  Motion approved eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and one absent


Agenda Item 14-41 Policy C296 Test Proctoring

Margaret Conroy requested the approval of a new policy C296 Test Proctoring.  General Purpose and Regional Branches in the District have been offering test proctoring services upon request for a while.  As online education increases, so has the number of requests for this service.  Branch managers felt that a formal policy was needed to outline the responsibilities of both parties, and to help provide a consistent level of service across the District.

Jim Brown noted that the District/Branch functions as a point where tests can be delivered and can verify that the person presenting is the person who is supposed to take the test, but we don’t have the staff to sit in the room with the individual throughout the test.  Branch staff will check ID to verify the identity of the individual.  Branch staff returns the test to the institution.  Joann Leykam requested the wording of the policy be changed to clarify “the student bears responsibility to make sure that the Library receives the test and for checking with their educational institution that the test has been received back”.  Jerry Cook wanted to know how students are monitored so they do not bring in support materials.  Diana Tucker reported that she checks the ID and collects phone/books/backpack/purse and keeps items behind the checkout desk while a test is taken.  Asia Gross reported that it is communicated with the institutions that we are not monitoring the student while they are taking the test and that more and more it only involves logging them into the computer.

MOTION:  Joann Leykam moved to approve Policy C296 Test Proctoring as amended and read by Margaret Conroy at the March 11, 2014, Board of Trustees Meeting.   Georgeann MacNab seconded.  Motion approved eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and one absent

Agenda Item 14-42 Projected 2014 Tax Rate

Pursuant to provisions of Senate Bill 711, the St. Charles City-County Library District must provide a tax rate projection in anticipation of the actual rate which is set in September.  Based on the County property value information available at this time, the recommendation is to stay at the current tax rate of $.2270 per $100 assessed valuation.  The maximum tax rate approved by the voters is $.26.

MOTION:  Joann Leykam moved to approve the Projected 2014 Tax Rate of $.2270.  John Thoelke seconded.  Motion approved eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and one absent


John Thoelke encouraged all members of the Board of Trustees to attend the upcoming Library Foundation Gala Event on May 17th.   

MOTION:  Lisa DeClue moved to adjourn the meeting.  John Thoelke seconded.  Motion approved eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and one absent

The meeting adjourned at 8:08 pm.

MOTION:    Myra Crook moved to resume the Personnel Committee meeting.   Justin Collier seconded.  Motion approved four affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions and one absent

Respectfully submitted

Robin L. Lunatto, Recording Secretary




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