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St. Charles City-County Library District
Board of Trustees Minutes
April 9, 2013

The St. Charles City-County Library District Board of Trustees met at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at the Kisker Road Branch.  The branch is located at 1000 Kisker Road, St. Charles, MO.

Board Members present:

  • Myra Crook
  • John Thoelke
  • Mary Reese
  • Georganne MacNab
  • Joann Leykam
  • Lisa Pelikan
  • Gail Zumwalt

Board members absent:

  • Debbie Haupt
  • Jerry Cook

Library Staff present:

  • Jim Brown, Director
  • Maggie Preiss, Children’s Resources and Marketing Coordinator
  • Richard Schultz, Finance and Support Services Coordinator
  • Pat Batzel, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Sara Nielsen, Adult Programming and Community Branches
  • Martha Radginski, Branch Manager, Middendorf-Kredell
  • Tim Deghelder, Branch Manager, Deer Run Branch
  • Vivienne Beckett, Branch Manager, Kisker Road Branch
  • Asia Gross, Branch Manager, McClay Road
  • Diana Tucker, Branch Manager, Corporate Parkway
  • Laurie St. Laurent, Branch Manager, Spencer Road Branch
  • Lucy Lockley, Collection Development Manager

President Myra Crook called the meeting to order at 7:25 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Seven members responded to roll call.  Ms. Crook opened the floor for public comments.  No requests for time were received.


The following reports were included in the Board packet.

  • Financial Report—Rick Schultz
  • Director’s Report—Jim Brown
  • Strategic Plan Initiative #4 Update—Align Programs with Community Needs—Maggie Preiss and Sara Nielsen

This strategic initiative “examines how we currently offer programs, and outlines how we plan to improve program offerings in the future.”  In order to accomplish this task, it is crucial to begin with where the District stands currently in regard to its’ programs.  The committee has implemented surveys, examined past programs, analyzed Census data, and reviewed other library districts in order to gather information.  With this information, the next step is to define the goals of the District’s programs and programming philosophy.  Once goals are defined, a strategy will be created and implemented.  Finally, resources will be allocated to support the identified philosophy and goals for the District.

  • Monthly Statistical Report
  • Activities Report, January-April, 2013—Maggie Preiss
  • Making a Difference:   Web Catalog/Your Account Updates
  • Correspondence

Maggie Preiss shared details on this year’s Friends of the Library Book Fair, and provided flyers for the trustees.

Consent Agenda

  • Minutes from 12 March 2013 Meeting

MOTION:  Mary Reese moved to approve the Consent Agenda.  Lisa Pelikan seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and two absent.


        13-27 Electronic Participation at Board Meetings (Policy A130 and Policy A048)

There have been several Board of Trustee meetings in the past when achieving a quorum was a difficult task.  In order to avoid similar situations going forward, especially during crucial meetings where a quorum is absolutely necessary, Jim Brown is recommending an amendment to the Bylaws of the Board.  Such meetings include, but are not limited to, when the budget needs to be passed and when the tax rate needs to be set.  The amendment to the Bylaws, Section 5.5 Quorum, states “A Trustee may attend and participate by electronic communication if arrangements are made prior to the meeting.  A minimum of four (4) Trustees must be physically present at the meeting”.  With this amendment, Jim has communicated that this situation be the exception, not the rule; that it be made for extenuating circumstances known in advance (e.g. a trustee is out of town on business); and that it only been done for one trustee per meeting.  The proposed amendment to the Bylaws has already been reviewed by Library Council.

                There was extensive conversation among the Trustees of the Board regarding whether or not this amendment to the Bylaws is necessary or acceptable.  Georganne MacNab feels the Trustees should be able to fulfill their responsibility as a Trustee, and make attendance, especially at two critical meetings a year, a priority.   Gail Zumwalt has utilized this method on other boards in the past, and it has been very successful.

                One question surfaced that needs clarification:  what is the actual number of Trustees needed to meet a quorum at meetings when there are open seats on the Board?  For example, Deb Haupt resigned her position on the Board over a year ago, but her vacancy is yet to be filled.  How does that vacancy affect the quorum for meetings in the interim until her replacement is appointed by the Mayor?  Jim Brown will seek advice from Library Counsel and advise Board Members at the May meeting.

Jim Brown introduced the newest trustee, Gail Zumwalt.  Gail Zumwalt was appointed to the Board of Trustees by Mayor Sally Faith.  She is the owner of Stitches, Etc. on South Main Street in St. Charles.  Prior to that, she was in the banking industry.  Ms. Zumwalt has also served on the Board at the St. Louis Zoo for six years.

13-28 Collection Management Policy

A draft of the revised policy was presented to the Board at the September, 2012 meeting.  Tonight, the policy includes procedures that apply to the revision.  As presented in September, the revision is less concise and constricting in order to allow some flexibility within the policy.  It is also more open-ended and customer friendly.

                Joann Leykam suggested a change regarding the value of donated materials in the Community Participation section of the revision.  In addition to the revision, a note should be put into the policy about the availability of receipts for tax purposes.

MOTION:  John Thoelke moved to approve Policy d032 Collection Management Policy as amended.  Mary Reese seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and two absent.

13-29 Video Media Policy

In the fall of 2012, a proposal was introduced to update Policy c032 Video Media.  Like other policies that have been revised recently, the Video Media policy was outdated and very restricting.  In addition, the committee’s goal was to update the policy to reflect what is actually taking place in the branches and reflective of the actual collection.

                One key change in the policy is the recommendation to remove the restrictions on video media.  John Thoelke inquired about the reasoning behind removing the restrictions.  Asia Gross, Branch Manager at McClay Road Branch and a member of the committee, provided the following reasons:

  1.  Video media is the only media or material that the District restricts currently.
  2. Our District is one of very few libraries in the country that does restrict video media.
  3. Staff is responsible for implementation of the policy.
  4. Customers (parents) complain about having to come into the branch and check out/check in material for their child(ren).

Board members and staff discussed this point extensively.  John Thoelke indicated that he has difficulty supporting the removal of the restrictions.  Joann Leykam suggested that we explore the features and capabilities of the ‘My Account’ function in our LISTEN system.  Asia Gross agreed to discuss this with Audrey in the IT department.

MOTION:  John Thoelke moved to table Agenda Item 13-29 Video Media Policy.  Mary Reese seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and two absent.

MOTION: Mary Reese moved to adjourn the meeting.

Georganne MacNab seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and two absent.

The meeting adjourned at                 8:35 p.m

Respectfully submitted

April C. Wootten, Recording Secretary



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