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This summer, boldly go where few have gone before! If you usually visit just one Library branch in the St. Charles City-County galaxy, the Galactic Tour will challenge you to explore the collections and events at many different Library branch “planets”.

Visit at least 5 "planets" and win a tasty treat and an extra entry in the Summer Reading grand prize drawing. If you visit all 12 you'll be designated an Ultimate Space Explorer.

The Moon - Augusta Branch
Mercury - Boone's Trail Branch
Neptune - Corporate Parkway Branch
Uranus - Deer Run Branch
Mars - Kathryn Linnemann Branch
Saturn - Kisker Road Branch
Pluto - Library Express at Discovery Village
Ceres - Library Express at Winghaven
Venus - McClay Branch
Earth - Middendorf-Kredell Branch
The Sun - Portage Des Sioux Branch
Jupiter - Spencer Road Branch

Space Station - Drop by one of our PopUP Libraries and get a bonus stamp at these summer events.