Major Board Decisions

The Board of Trustees may declare agenda items to be Major Board Decisions.

Major Board Decisions shall require a minimum twenty day study period before enactment.

Any changes to Section B-Goals, Expansion and Physical Plant, Policy A048 - Bylaws of the Board, or Policy D032 - Collections Management Policy, are considered to be Major Board Decisions.

The Budget Document shall be developed over a period of months beginning no later than February of the calendar year preceeding the fiscal year. Major public policy decisions related to the budget shall be presented to the Board and the resulting decisions incorporated into a document to be presented for final passage.

The Director or Board President may recommend that other policies, agreements or actions of the District by their nature constitute a Major Board Decision.

Other decisions may be tabled as per Roberts Rules of Order upon a majority vote of those present.

(Revised and approved 3/10/2008)