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april 2010 board minutes

St. Charles City-County Library District
Board of Trustees
April 12, 2010

The St. Charles City-County Library District Board of Trustees met at 7:00 pm on Monday, April 12, 2010 at the Administrative Office, 77 Boone Hills Drive, St. Peters, MO.

Board Members present:
• Mr. Greg Dohrman
• Ms Myra Crook
• Mr. John Thoelke
• Dr. Jerry Cook
• Mr. Gary Heggs
• Ms. Lisa Pelikan
• Ms. Debbie Haupt
• Ms. Mary Reese

Board Members absent:
All of the current Board Members were present at the meeting.

Library Staff present:
• Mr. Carl Sandstedt, Director
• Ms. Betty Murr, Deputy Director
• Mr. Richard Schultz, Coordinator of Finance and Support Services
• Mr. Frank Noto, IT Coordinator
• Ms. Denise Mandle, Human Resources Coordinator
• Ms. Sara Nielsen, Community Branches and Adult Programming
• Ms. Maggie Preiss, Children’s Services and Marketing Coordinator
• Ms. Kristin Williams, Development Coordinator
• Ms. Karen Golab, Purchasing Manager
• Mr. Jim Brown, Branch Manager, Spencer Road
• Ms. Ann King, Branch Manager, Kathryn Linnemann
• Ms. Pat Kern, Branch Manager, Middendorf-Kredell
• Ms. Keri Cascio, Branch Manager, Kisker Road
• Ms. Martha Radginski, Branch Manager, McClay Road
• Ms. Diana Tucker, Branch Manager, Corporate Parkway
• Mr. Tim Deghelder, Branch Manager, Deer Run
• Mr. Brad Smith, Information Resource Manager, Non-profit

President Greg Dohrman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Eight members responded to roll call.  Mr. Dohrman opened the floor for public comments.  No requests for time were received.

MOTION:  Mr. Heggs moved to approve the minutes of the March 8th meeting and the March 29th Special Meeting.  Ms. Pelikan seconded. Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and zero absent.

Financial Report
The financial reports for March, 2010, were sent with the Board packet to each Board member’s home.  The numbers in the report are finals.  Here are some of the key financials from the report:
• Cash and investments on hand were $21.3 million. 
• Tax revenues are under budget compared to historical figures for the next 3 months.  This is a result more of non-payment versus people protesting rates and amounts.
• There are two line-items that could possibly exceed their budget this fiscal year.  Those items are public employee deferred compensation (P.E.D.C.) and Healthcare & Life Insurance; P.E.D.C. because more people are enrolling than originally anticipated
As far as the tax rate is concerned, Mr. Schultz commented that it should remain the same as last year, but that is confirmed in August.
If there are any questions pertaining to the financial reports, please contact Rick Schultz at extension 1571.

Director’s Report
Mr. Sandstedt passed on his opportunity to speak further on the Hotline due to the fact that his report topics are  discussed more in depth under their respective agenda items.

Special Report—Program Attendance
Maggie Preiss (Children’s) and Sara Nielsen (Adult’s)
Ms. Preiss included two reports in the Handout Packet.  One report provides a three year comparison on Children’s Programming; the other report is for the first 9 months of the year.  All of the programs included in both reports are done by library staff except those classified as “Special Presenters”.  The programs are divided between those that are presented in the library and those where children’s staff “takes their show on the road”. 
• There is a gradual increase (11%) from 2007 to 2009.
• Community Programs shows a 27% increase over the 3 year period.
• Overall, there is approximately a 15% growth in children’s programming.
• The attached report shows a breakdown by branch; Kisker is one branch that has a lot of children’s programs.  Deer Run Branch provides Summer Outreach to the home-bound, and those numbers are included in their branch as well.
Ms. Preiss indicated that children’s programs continue to grow and grow.  The staff stays hard at work making that happen!
 Ms. Nielsen handed out the reports on Adult Programs and YA (Young Adult) Programs.  She asked for patience from the Board Members as she transitions annual reporting from paper reporting to our new Events.  She also took this opportunity to introduce “ReadMOre” to the Board members, of which Ms. Nielsen is a ReadMOre 2010 Chair.  Here are a couple of highlights from Adult Programs:
• So far in FY10, through March 30, 2010, there have been 332 adult programs in our library. 
• Last year, in the entire FY09 which includes 3 more months compared to the FY10 numbers, our library had 326 programs.
As far as young adult programs are concerned, video gaming programs and book discussions lead the way in popularity.  Again, as far as statistics are concerned, FY10 figures are far surpassing FY09 figures.  In FY10, three-quarters of the way through this fiscal year, the district has already had 7013 Young Adult programs.  In entire FY09, there were 7900 Young Adult programs!

Special Report—Video Games
Keri Cascio, Branch Manager, Kisker Road Branch
As presented in last month’s Board meeting, the district is interested in adding video games to its collection for FY11.  Upon initial presentation of the possible change for FY11, the Board members were hesitant to approve the addition without further information. Ms. Cascio provided the Board members with an additional report tonight outlining some reasons for approval of the video games.  Such reasons are:
• Games are beneficial to users of all ages.  Ms. Cascio provided a statistic that “53% of all American adults play video games of some kind”, and that among older adults (65+) that play video games, one-third play them everyday.
• Games support literacy.  “If you can’t read, you can’t play”.  Plain and simple.
• A game collection supports our programming efforts.  Currently, the district owns Wii and Playstation 2 consoles for library programming, as a result of a grant in 2008.  The teen/young adult services group has been offering some game night programs that have been very successful.
• Library staff can use games to connect customers with other library materials.  A patron’s video game selection provides staff with some insight into possible books, movies, or CDs, that they might like as well.
• A game collection supports our mission of supplying current topics and titles.
• Our patrons choose which materials are right for them.  It is our responsibility to make materials available for patrons, but it is a parent or legal guardian’s responsibility to oversee what individual children check out.
Ms. Cascio indicated that the starter collection would support the Wii gaming system, as well as the Xbox 360 system.  Also, the Library District plans to utilize the Entertainment Software Rating Board rating system (ESRB).  Lastly, St. Louis County Library and St. Louis Public Library both have video game collections for checkout.  All of the feedback from both library systems has been very positive.
Mr. Thoelke voiced concern over the fact that in a tough budget year, we are willing to add a new format, but not staff to support it.  Several options were presented for introducing the collection; however, there was not one option that stood out as a better idea than the others.  Ms. Murr reminded both Board members and staff that we need about a six month window in order to allow the IT department the time it needs for programming, etc. 
Mr. Thoelke suggested we introduce only the Wii format; he did not have any concrete ideas on how to introduce the collection.  Ms. Murr recommended utilizing the money already in the budget, $26,000; therefore, no additional funds are needed at this time.  She also suggested observing the collection for a six month period.  Mr. Heggs recommended review of the collection within one year or so.

Special Report—Development
Kristin Williams, Development Coordinator
Ms. Williams’ report is included in the Handout Packet received at tonight’s meeting.  Her Library Foundation report included the following highlights from this past month.
• The Library Foundation’s annual trivia night was a huge success, netting over $11,000!
• The Imagine Campaign will have presence in the branches during May.
• The Planned Giving Committee is collaborating with Baue Funeral Homes to host programs and offer information at their locations.
• The Friends of the Library Book Fair is May 21-23rd at the St. Charles Convention Center.  If anyone is interested in volunteering for this great event, please contact Lynn Reichmuth at ext. 1596.
• The Capital Campaign will begin education and cultivation sessions in June.  Ms. Williams will utilize the Board Members as a test group. 
Please mark your calendars for the following important dates:
• Legislative Breakfast is May 27 at 7:30 am at St. Charles Community College.
• Art Uncorked is September 11, 2010.
• Library Legends Recognition Event is November 12, 2010.
Ms. Williams also took this opportunity to invite the Board Members to the Volunteer Banquet on April 29th, 2010 in the Social Sciences Building at St. Charles Community College.

Special Report—The Foundation Center
Brad Smith, Information Resource Manager,
The Foundation Center is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to “strengthen the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy”.  It was established in 1956, and is supported today by approximately 550 foundations.  The Foundation Center mediates individuals or groups who have large sums of money to give away and individuals or groups seeking financial assistance, grants, etc. 
There are five library/learning centers across the United States—New York City, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Cleveland, and San Francisco.  These centers offer access to information, resources, and educational programs free of charge. 
The Foundation Center also operates unique databases, publishes books ranging from the most basic to the most comprehensive, offers training courses, conducts research and publishes reports, and provides a very “content-rich” web site with free tools, tutorials, reports, and other information updated daily.
The Foundation Center also coordinates “funding information centers”, of which there are more than 425 “Cooperating Collections” offering free local access to the main Center’s resources and trainings.  There are three (of the 425) cooperating collections in the St. Louis area—our Spencer Road Branch library here in St. Peters; Kirkwood, and Olive Road in St. Louis.

Betty Murr, Deputy Director
The monthly report was sent in the Board packet to each Board Member’s home.  Ms. Murr provided highlights from the report:
• Circulation is up 8.51% over last year.  This includes the fact that South County, Winghaven, and Kisker Road Branches were all closed for some period during FY09.
• Middendorf-Kredell Branch exceeded 108,000 for the month of March in Circulation.
• eMedia circulation increased more than 53% for the year.
• Year to date, the district’s gate count has increased 7.95%.

Activities Report
Maggie Preiss, Children’s Resources and Marketing
There are three items included in the Handout Packet:  April Adult Programs, a copy of the National Library Week Proclamation signed by Governor Jay Nixon, and a Suburban Journal article on the retirement of our Director, Carl Sandstedt.  Ms. Preiss handed out an Activities Report to all in attendance.  Some of the activities and programs for the month are:
Community Outreach:
• March 11 is Lutheran H.S. Database Training.
• March 12 is Meadows Parkway Early Childhood Center’s ECRR (Every Child Ready to Read).
• March 16 is Holy Cross Preschool’s Read from the Start program.
• March 18 is Job Resource Databases at New Hope Presbyterian.
• March 25 is Putting Fun in Fundraising Tabletalk at PLA in Portland, Oregon.
• ECRR at Crisis Nursery on March 30.
• Parent Information Night at Coverdell Elementary on April 15.
• ECRR AEYC Conference is on April 17.
• The District is hosting three “Meet the Author” events in the next few weeks.
• Mark Twain is at 7 p.m. on April 15 at the Corporate Parkway Branch.
• Don and Donna Graveman will be at the Kathryn Linnemann Branch on April 26 at 7 p.m.  They  will discuss their newest book, Missouri Wine Country: St. Charles to Hermann. 
• James Dashner visits Middendorf-Kredell Branch on May 5 at 7p.m.  Mr. Dashner is a tween and teen author.
• National Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 1.  All branches of the St. Charles City-County Library District will hand out free comic books while supplies last.
• The Summer Reading Programs, Make a Splash-Read (children) and Make Waves at Your Library (teens), begin on June 7 and end on August 7! 

Formal Agenda
10-01 South County Branch Replacement
Ms. Murr requested permission from the Board to cooperate in a mutually agreeable arrangement for the construction of an additional parking lot of up to ten parking spaces with the Town of Augusta.  The agreement will exist only if necessary and the Town of Augusta will reimburse the Library District for its construction of the parking lot.  Mr. Dohrman inquired as to the amount of money involved in the agreement; Ms. Murr indicated that the project should be less than $4000.

MOTION:  Mr. Thoelke moved to grant permission to Ms. Murr to cooperate in a mutually agreeable arrangement for the construction of an additional parking lot of up to ten parking spaces with the Town of Augusta.  Mr. Heggs seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and zero absent.

10-02 Spencer Road Branch Replacement
Mr. Sandstedt provided members of the Board with a memo sharing the communication between him and representatives from Demien construction on the topic of cutbacks to bring their bid on the Spencer Road Branch project within budget.  Mr. Sandsted’s concern is:
1. Demien’s subcontractors attempted to make the budget by “substituting the cheapest possible acrylic lay in fixture for the largest count item in the bid”.  The subcontractors also kept an expensive light fixture in the non-public area. And,
2. There is some difficulty understanding why there should be a charge for each individual change order during construction.  Obviously, the benefit to each party is conflicting—it would benefit the construction company to have several little change orders and it would be advantageous to the Library District to have one giant change order.  Mr. Sandstedt suggested “a reasonable markup on the change orders”.

Finally, agreed cost savings on the project included:
1. There is an alteration of the light trusses on the project which will result in a savings of $14,250.
2. The stone facing material on the outside of the building will be changed to split-faced stone.  This will result in a savings of $76,875.
3. There will be a change in the AC ceiling tile to AC-3 from AC-2 in rooms 106, 210, and 212.  This will save $10,750.
4. By substituting blown-in insulation for batt insulation, the district can save $5300.
The four cost savings listed provide a total savings of $107,175.  Therefore, the final contract amount is $5,891,825.  Mr. Sandstedt requests a release of $6 million for the project.

MOTION:  Mr. Heggs moved to release $6 million in funds for the Spencer Road Branch construction project in order to proceed with contract negotiations.  The $6 million is to include funds that have been previously earmarked and carried over for this project.  Dr. Cook seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and zero absent.

MOTION:  Mr. Thoelke moved to authorize Mr. Sandstedt to continue negotiations and, upon completion of said negotiations, enter into a signed contract with Demien Construction Co.  Ms. Reese seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and zero absent.

10-03 Director Search Committee
A synopsis of the search firms responding to the RFQ for the search for a new Library Director was included in the electronic packet along with a copy of each of the agreements for the three firms.  A hard copy of this was distributed to each Board member at the Board meeting. 
The three firms responding to the RFQ were:
• Bradbury Associates/Gossage Sager Associates out of Kansas City, Missouri.  Cost is $16,000 including all of their travel expenses.
• Miriam Pollack & Associates out of Northbrook, Illinois.  Cost is $18,000 plus $5000 for expenses.
• Corbus Library Consultants out of Highland Heights, Ohio.  Cost is $15,000 and includes all expenses.

MOTION:  Ms. Crook moved to recommend the Bradbury Associates/Gossage Sager Associates firm as the search firm selected for the Library Director search.  Mr. Thoelke seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and zero absent.

MOTION:  Mr. Thoelke moved to approve the copy of the proposal from Bradbury Associates/Gossage Sager Associates included in the packet, to be signed by Greg Dohrman, President, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Library District after consulting with the District’s legal counsel.  Dr. Cook seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and zero absent.

10-05 Policy #C232 Library Cards
Please see Agenda Item 10-10 Agency Agreement—Lindenwood University. 

10-10 Agency Agreement—Lindenwood University
We are awaiting a response from the university.  There is no action needed at this time.

Preliminary Agenda
10-20 2010 Salary Survey
Mr. Sandstedt is awaiting responses due to imposed email restrictions resulting in a delayed delivery to some recipients.  Mr. Sandstedt did go down to $2-3 million systems in order to have raw data to compare to, especially as the Board enters into director recruiting for Mr. Sandstedt’s position. 

10-26 FY11 Budget Markup—Materials Budget
Based on Ms. Cascio’s additional information, it is the sense of the Board to move toward utilizing money already in the budget to select appropriate games in the Wii format to introduce into the collection.

Preliminary Agenda
10-27 FY11 Budget Markup—Personnel
Mr. Sandstedt presented all positions requested by managers and coordinators to the Board.  The positions included those that Mr. Sandstedt is recommending for approval, and those that he has denied approval.  There were 33 positions presented to Mr. Sandstedt.  These 33 personnel changes totaled 15.575 FTE (full-time equivalents) and $193,400 increase to the budget.  The detail of the personnel requests is presented on Agenda Memo 10-27 which was handed out at the meeting.  The spreadsheet reflecting the requests was created by Denise Mandle, Coordinator of Human Resources, and “does not track final adjustments to individual items within the final budget”.  Of the 33 changes proposed for the upcoming fiscal year, Mr. Sandstedt approved 17.  The approved recommendations result in 7.125 FTE and an increase of $183,902 to the Personnel budget for FY11.  At this particular time, Mr. Sandstedt is not recommending a specific salary increase; he is waiting on all of the results from the annual salary survey.  However, the adjustments provided on the spreadsheet reflect a 2% increase to both new and existing staff.  This increase, however, will not be final until May, when the 2010 Salary Survey is finalized.  The memo, and the financial figures summarized on the memo, as well as the spreadsheet are approximations and are presented simply to provide a guideline on Mr. Sandstedt’s staffing recommendations for FY11.  The final budget will be presented in May.  Mr. Heggs commented that, in his opinion, Mr. Sandstedt is knowledgeable on the personnel needs of the district as well as the financial impact of any changes made to the staffing levels.  Therefore, it is best to defer to him on this topic.

Formal Agenda
10-28 Extension of Security Contract—City of St. Charles
Ms. Ann King, Branch Manager at the Kathryn Linnemann Branch, expressed that the situations prompting extra security at the branch as well as the overall atmosphere in the branch have improved with the presence of the officer.  In preparation for the end of the school year and summer break, Ms. King is requesting an additional $15, 000 for 3 months of continued security.  Mr. Thoelke inquired about the installation of security cameras on the property, which was discussed at prior Board meetings.  He was under the assumption that the cameras would be installed by now.  Since they have not been installed, can we speed up the installation?  Lastly, Mr. Thoelke noted that it would be beneficial to implement a policy(s) to prevent the behavior; the policy(s) should cover behavior inside and outside the library.

MOTION:  Ms. Crook moved to approve the request for $15,000 for the next 3 months of continued security at the Kathryn Linnemann Branch.  Ms. Reese seconded.  Motion approved eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and zero absent.

Preliminary Agenda
10-29 Chapter 100 Abatement—City of O’Fallon
This item is for informational purposes only; there is no action needed at this time.

10-30 Chapter 100 Abatement—City of St. Peters
This item is for informational purposes only; there is no action needed at this time. 

MOTION: Mr. Thoelke moved to adjourn the open session.  Ms. Reese seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and zero absent.

The meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
April C. Wootten
Recording Secretary

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