Collection Spotlights -

April 2022


Make sure you and your family are 
prepared for severe weather.

The Storm Problem (page 11)

Until an 1848 forecasting effort by the Smithsonian Institute, weather conditions had been considered to be either God's will or explainable only by homespun nostrums like 'Clear moon, frost soon'.

Reading the Sky

Clouds have interesting stories to tell and are one of the first places to turn in learning to forecast the weather.

Tornado Safety Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Storm

When it comes to weather safety, “... the most important rules are to have multiple methods of receiving weather information and to develop and test your family’s severe weather plan in advance.”

What Employees Should Know In Case of Natural Disaster

You've prepared your home for severe weather, but what about work? Ignorance of proper workplace safety procedures can lead to disaster.

Weather Info For All Seasons (page 63)

Check out the March/April 2021 issue of Grit magazine for more tips and tools to track whatever weather comes your way.


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