Service Facilities -- Located to Serve Population, Not Municipalities

The St. Charles City-County Library District is a special district which provides library services to all residents of St. Charles County. These residents may live within a municipality or within an unincorporated area. The District's branch locations are designed to serve population groups economically and effectively. The District's Board of Trustees, in choosing sites, shall do so in order to best serve the District's population as a whole, without regard to whether or not a particular location is within a municipality.

Municipalities are established within the county to provide general governmental services such as sewer and water, police protection, or recreational services. With the exception of judging the ability of a municipality to provide utilities, streets and necessary services to a particular branch library, the District shall not consider municipal boundaries in the placement of branches. Thus, some municipalities may have more than one branch library while others may contain no branches if this pattern best addresses the service needs of district residents.

This policy shall not preclude the District from working cooperatively with a municipality to provide a suitable site for library services, or from sharing or developing joint sites with municipalities or other units of government.

Revision approved 12/11/95