Service Facilities-- Timetables for Development

The Library District through planning documents processes conducted in 1987-88 and 1992-94 and 1999-2001 established a timetable reflecting development of service facilities.

  •  FY90 Kisker Road Construction
  •  FY91 Spencer Road Addition
  •  FY92 Linnemann Expansion
  •  FY94 Corporate Parkway Expansion
  •  FY95 Middendorf-Kredell Construction
  •  FY96 Deer Run Construction
  •  FY97 Highway 94 Corridor Construction
  •  FY99 Kisker Road Addition
  •  FY02 Boone's Trail Construction
  •  FY03 Administration Building Construction
  •  FY03 Non-Profit Development Center Renovation
  •  FY04 Library Express @ WingHaven Construction
  •  FY05 Middendorf-Kredell Expansion
  •  FY06 Library Express - Western County Construction
  •  FY07 Linnenmann Expansion
  •  FY10 Spencer Road Replacement
  •  FY10 General Purpose Branch - Western Part of County Construction

Facilities timetables are for operation; construction of physical plant or land acquisition may be scheduled for earlier fiscal years. Service locations are approximate. As always, suitability for building, visibility and price are determinants which may modify the exact location for any facility.

(REVISED 1-12-04)