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Banking & Money Websites

Banking Currency Exchange Rates
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Bankrate provides rates, basic information and online calculators for topics like debit cards, auto loans, credit cards, home equity, personal loans, savings, and small businesses.

European Central Bank

The European Central Bank site has links to their publications, Euro banknotes and coins, statistics, EU central banks, press releases.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

The FDIC site has links to information about deposit insurance, bank data, regulations, acquiring goods and services through the use of various contractual instruments, and links for finding their publications and documents.

FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council)

The FFIEC provides comprehensive information on banks and other institutions for which the Federal Reserve Board has supervisory, regulatory or research interest.)

Federal Reserve Board

The Federal Reserve Board provides much useful information on their web pages. In the Consumer Information section you may find information on how to file a complaint against a bank, identity theft, leasing, mortgages, and personal finance.

National Credit Union Administration

The National Credit Union was established to charter and supervise federal credit unions. This site provides information about credit unions, including a customizable search for credit union data. Additional information , such as the Freedom of Information Act, may be found her.

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Currency & Money

American Currency Exhibit

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has placed its American Currency Exhibit online. From this site you can view American historic currency and learn about the symbols and history found on the bank notes and coins.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

This website is designed to be an easy-to-use resource for information on security documents. This site serves as an excellent resource for informative public documents.

United States Mint

The United States Mint pages allow you to learn about the U.S. Mint, consumer awareness, and view images from the library of coins. The Mint also has an excellent children’s page with interesting coin facts, games, cartoons, coin news, and ideas for teachers.

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Exchange Rates

FXConverter - Currency Converter for 164 Currencies

Found on, FXConverter lists 164 different currencies in 7 languages. This interactive converter allows you to select the currencies, amount you wish to convert, and the interbank rate back to 1990.

Universal Currency Converter

The Universal Currency Converter gives live rates. You enter the amount you are converting and select the two countries involved in your conversion.

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Inflation and Consumer Spending (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

This site allows you to link to the Bureau of Labor’s statistics related to inflation, including the Consumer Price Index, Producer Price Index, Consumer Spending, and Import/Export Prices.

What is a dollar worth?

This site is hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. You enter the year that you would like to begin your comparison, the amount you are looking to compare, and final year you need for the comparative value of the dollar.

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Treasury Bills and Rates


This site provides information on bills, notes, and bonds auctioned since 1980. You may also search this information by auction date, issue date, maturity date or CUSIP.

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