Local History & Genealogy -

Beginners Bibliography

Below is a partial list of Introductory books available from the Bizelli-Fleming collection.  However all local branches will have at least a few introductory guides. 

  • Your family tales and treasures. Alessi, Jean. H929.107
  • Roots for kids. Beller, Susan Provos. H929.1
  • Shaking your family tree. Crandall, Ralph. H929.107
  • Unpeopling your past. Croom, Emily. H929.107
  • Searching for your ancestors. Doan, Gilbert Harry. H929.1
  • The source. Eakle, Arlene. H929.107
  • Writing the family narrative. Gouldrup, Lawrence. H929.107
  • How to trace your family tree. Poteet, David. H929.107
  • Applied genealogy. Stratton, Eugene. H929.1
  • The complete idiot's guide to genealogy. Rose, Christine. H929.1027
  • Genealogy for the first time. Best, Laura. H929.1

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