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Business and Public Management -

Business Start-Up Checklist

Are you ready to start your business?
These checklists can help you find license stipulations, tax information, and other requirements for which you must comply to formally establish your business.

Business Registration Checklist
This checklist has been created by the Missouri Business Portal, which is a part of the University of Missouri Small Business Development Center.

Licenses and Registration Checklist
This checklist was created by the Missouri Small Business Development Centers, which is maintained by the University of Missouri Extension Service.

Small Business Planner
Explore the section titled "Start Your Business" for the checklist of information for which you must be aware before you start your own business. This site was created by the U.S. Small Business Administration.



Avvo, the legal assistance, company has a small business assistance website.  Information on the site includes startup procedures to set up a business, how to operate a business, business documents, and other information on small businesses.