Denial of Service

Library service shall be denied to any person with fines owed in the amount of $25 or more, or any person with materials valued at $25 or more which are 60 days overdue.

The Library District reserves the right to refer persons in denial status to a collection agency which may report their debts to applicable credit bureaus. A patron with an open collection account will remain in service denial until such time as the account is cleared in full. 

In extreme circumstances the District may work with law enforcement authorities if the person has committed the crime of library theft as described in RSMo 570-210.

Service may also be denied for other reasons, including, but not limited to bad address, abuse of services, failure to provide adequate identification, or disruptive behavior within the library.  Specific services, i.e., interlibrary loan, internet access, etc. may be denied as outlined in other library policies.

Library service shall be denied to family members on a case by case basis, under certain abusive curcumstances.  Members of the family shall be defined as children and other minors, under eighteen (18), residing at the same address and the parent or legal guardian of the cardholder.  The situation shall be fully documented and forwarded immediately to the Deputy Director.

Branch managers and/or personnel in charge shall have the right to modify this denial of service for hardship.  And shall be able to restore library service to a patron or family if a good faith effort to return materials and pay fines is shown, and any such adjustments will be fully documented and forwarded to the Deputy Director.

Library cardholders have the right to appeal any decisions made under this policy to the Deputy Director.  If the person is unsatisfied with the results of that appeal the appeal may be taken to the Library Director and on to the Library Board for a final decision.

(Effective October 1, 2010)

(Former Pol. C064.2 adopted 6/8/81;
replaced by Pol. C064 4/11/83,
effective 6/1/83. Revised
7/14/03, 7/12/2010)