Fees Associated with Community Commons Rooms 240, 243, and 259

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Room Set-Up Fees
There are multiple setup options for the Large Event Space Rooms. There is no setup fee associated with the "standard" setup option for each room. Other configurations are available for a fee.

Room 240 - View Room Setup Options A - Free

B, C, or D-$60.00
Room 243 - View Room Setup Options A - Free

B or C-$60.00
Combined Room 240/243 - View Room Setup Options A or B $95.00

Custom set up C
Ask for price
Set-up Room 259 - View Room Setup Options A - Free

B or C-$25.00

Room Reset Fees
Apply when room is not returned to standard set-up at end of event.

Room 240 - Reset fee $35.00
Room 243 - Reset fee $35.00
Combined Room 240/243 - Reset fee $45.00
Room 259 - Reset fee $25.00

Room Cleaning Fee
A cleaning fee will only be assessed if food is served.

Room 240 $35.00
Room 243 $35.00
Combined Room 240/243 $45.00
Room 259 $25.00

Audio Visual Equipment
To use this equipment parties reserving the Event Rooms may either take a training session prior to the event or schedule staff to be present to operate the equipment during the event.

AV training session prior to event $25.00
Staff support for use of AV equipment during event $25.00 per hour
Emergency staff assistance during event $50.00

Approved (5/14/2013)