D072 -


Government Documents

St. Charles City-County Library District will select United States government documents meeting the following criteria:

  1. Documents which meet the general information needs of the public in popular subject areas.
  2. Documents which support the concentrated subject collections which currently exist within the Library District-specifically, Local History and Business/Government Services.
  3. All documents specific to Missouri will be collected. Inclusion of other states will be dependent upon subject interest.
  4. Due to space constraints, voluminous categories will be collected on microfiche and/or CD-ROM if at all.

Scholarly and research information needs will be served through interlibrary loan from the Regional Government Documents Depository and referrals to other Government Document Depositories in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Monographs and other material will be reviewed and selected items will be catalogued and interfiled with the reference and circulating collections. Documents specific to the subject areas of business, government, and local history will be cataloged and integrated into the collections at the appropriate branches. Subject specialist will be consulted when questions arise regarding collection or acquisitions. Retrieval of catalogued documents will be through the Library District’s public access catalog in addition to the documents indexes.

Some documents will be integrated into the pamphlet collection and circulated in the same manner as other pamphlets.

The remainder of the documents will be maintained in Sudoc order with retrieval through the Monthly Catalog, an automated index and/or online database searches.

No retrospective collecting will be attempted. Guidelines from the Regional Depository Library will be adhered to when discarding documents. The library will comply with Instructions for Depository Libraries and Guidelines for the Depository Library System.

The St. Charles City-County Library District will provide access to the government documents collection for all residents of the Ninth Congressional District.

The Library District will annually review a segment of the items selected with respect to the user population and use statistics. Selection of those items for which demand is evidenced will continue. Additional selections will be made in response to patron needs.

(Adopted 2/12/90)