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December 2010 Board Minutes

St. Charles City-County Library District

Board of Trustees


December 13, 2010

The St. Charles City-County Library District Board of Trustees met at 7:00 pmon Monday, December 13, 2010at the Middendorf-Kredell Branch in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Board Members present:

  • Greg Dorhrman
  • Jerry Cook
  • MyraCrook
  • Debbie Haupt
  • Lisa Pelikan
  • Mary Reese
  • John Thoelke

Board members absent:

  • Gary Heggs
  • Kathleen Todd

Library Staff present:

  • Carl Sandstedt, Director
  • Maggie Preiss, Children’s Resources and Marketing Coordinator
  • Richard Schultz, Finance and Support Services Coordinator
  • Denise Mandle, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Frank Noto, IT Coordinator
  • Kristin Williams, Planning & Development Coordinator
  • Jim Brown, Branch Manager, Spencer Road
  • Martha Radginski, Branch Manager, Middendorf-Kredell
  • AsiaGross, Branch Manager, McClay
  • Keri Cascio, Branch Manager, Kisker Road
  • Diana Tucker, Branch Manager, Corporate Parkway
  • Tim DeGhelder, Branch Manager, Deer Run
  • Sara Nielsen, Community Branch Manager
  • Denise Ulett, Consumer Health Information Resource Manager
  • Jim Rhodes, Local History & Genealogy Information Resource Manager

President Greg Dohrman called the meeting to order at 7:20 pmwith the Pledge of Allegiance.  Seven members responded to roll call. Greg Dohrman opened the floor for public comments.  No requests for time were received.


MOTION:  Jerry Cook moved to approve the combined minutes of the November 8, 2010regular meeting and October 23, 2010closed session for interview and selection of Library Director finalists.  Lisa Pelikan  seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, two absent. 


Financial Report

Rick Schultz reported the November 2010 financial reports were mailed with the Board Packets.    The District has $11.8 million in cash & investments.  Most tax income will be received by the end of January.  Expenditures for the line items of electricity & gas, health & life insurance, and equipment repair are running a bit high.  Equipment & repair will be adjusted slightly as some expenses are moved into other accounts.  Spencer Roadproject expenses total nearly $950,000 at this point.  Estimate $1 to 1.5 million additional expenditures in fy12, including furniture, equipment and finishes.

Director’s Report

Carl Sandstedt thanked the Board for his good experiences and working relationship with the Board as Director during his 34.5 year tenure.  He congratulated the Board on their choice of Jim Brown for the new Director.

Greg Dohrman presented Carl with proclamations from the Mayor of St. Charles, the St. Charles County Executive and the Library Board of Trustees.  Full text of proclamations is attached. 

MOTION:  Mary Reese moved to accept the proclamations.  John Thoelke  seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, two absent.

Development Report

Kristin Williams provided a written report on Foundation and Friends activities.

  • St. Charles Optimists, Wentzville Rotary, and SSM each donated $1000 for Imagine Campaign
  • Imagine campaign at 57% of $30,00 goal
  • Grants submitted to Better World Book, Energizer and US Bank
  • 25 bricks sold for Spencer Roadproject.  John Thoelke will coordinate donations from the Board members for a $500 brick.
  • Next meeting of (Re) Discover Your Library Campaign is January 25
  • Rock ‘n Roll Tribute to Carl Sandstedt planned for January 20 at Old Hickory
  • Friends presenting check for Spencer Roadproject on December 15.
  • Friends are now selling branded merchandise at branches
  • Foundation Trivia Night is March 26, 2011

Branch Manager Report

Martha Radginski

Martha Radginski invited the Board to tour the newly created areas for Teens, Magazines & Periodicals, and Consumer Health.  She is considering additional improvements with lighting, comfortable furniture, and possibly an electric fireplace.  The Reference collection has been interfiled with the circulating collection.  The large print collection was moved and the nonfiction collection shifted to create a space that encourages browsing of Consumer Health materials. 

Information Resource Manager Report

Jim Rhodes, Local History & Genealogy

Jim Rhodes discussed a digitization project that includes most of the 20th century St. Charlesnewspapers including the St. Charles Banner News (1932-1978), St. Charles Daily Cosmos Monitor (1916-1956), and the St. Charles Journal (1957-1978).  The project will be complete in 6-12 months.  After digitization, the newspapers will be searchable from the Library website.  The project is being handled by Heritage Microfilm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The total cost to the District is $1130 for shipping as Heritage Microfilm waived the $40,000 fee for the digitization.  Jim reported he had contacted the MO Historical Society for permission to convert some of their microfilm for the project but they denied permission claiming they owned the copyright for the microfilm so the contents could not be digitized.

Special Report

Materials Acquired

Frank Noto reviewed the Materials Acquired report prepared by Audrey Bangert.  The report details formats of materials purchased for adults, young adults and children for the past three fiscal years.  The trends show how purchasing has changed to meet community needs.  The amount of materials added in fy08 was 124,210 while in fy10, 129,095 items were added.  The report included figures for eMedia from Overdrive, Credo and Gale.  Total items purchased in fy08 was 2,234 while in fy10, 3944 items were purchased.

Statistical Report

Frank Noto discussed the circulation and gate count statistics for November 2010 and year to date comparisons.  Circulation at Spencer Road Branch has not dropped due to the limited parking at the branch.  Overall circulation is down 1.76% probably due to change in counting of PC checkout.  Circulation of eMedia shows a huge increase of 80.51%.

Activities Report

Maggie Preiss provided a written report.  Jesse Isley represented the Library at the Discovery Elementary Holiday Fair.  The author program with Heather Brewer and Antony John was well-attended with 160 participants.  Every Child Ready to Read Clock Hour workshops were offered at Middendorf-Kredell, Kisker Roadand Kathryn Linnemann with 63 attending.  The Augusta Christmas walk drew over 500 people to the branch.  The Toast to South County Branch was a great success.   Winter program calendars for Teens & Childrens were included in the packet.  Upcoming programs include A Little Light Reading adult reading program and Just the Facts non-fiction reading program targeted to Preschool through 3rd grade.  The Library will host 30 participants from nearby libraries for the videoconference of What Can I Read Next with Judy Freeman.


Formal Agenda

11-01 Spencer RoadBranch Replacement

Rick Schultz reported he has received formal requests for information concerning the Spencer Roadbuilding project from the MO Division of Labor Standards.  Rick indicated that this type of request is not unusual for a building project and all necessary information has been supplied.

Preliminary Agenda

11-17 Policy #E524-Special Placement-Persons with Disabilities

Carl Sandstedt reported he had not followed through on the policy and would leave it for Jim Brown to address.


Consent Agenda

11-22 Policy #C300-Video Games

11-23 Policy #C256 Meeting Room

11-24 Policy #E392 Paraprofessional Training-Class Instruction

The Video Games policy outlines the guidelines for the new Wii video game collection that will be offered in fy12 to library customers.

The Meeting Room policy revision will allow online room reservations by library customers at least 18 years of age.  Rooms may be booked during the current month and/or the following month and reservations are limited to one booking per 28 day period.

The Paraprofessional Training Class Instruction was revised to eliminate payment to instructors.

MOTION:  Lisa Pelikan moved to approve the new and revised policies on the consent agenda.  John Thoelke  seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, two absent.

Formal Agenda

11-19 Extension of Lease-Library Express at DiscoveryVillage

Removed from consent agenda.  Carl Sandstedt reported he had talked with Dave Demien, the owner of the building which is leased for the Library Express at DiscoveryVillage.  Demien is willing to extend the current lease which is due July 1, 2011for an additional five years.  The monthly rate is $3466.13 for 3081 sq ft.  10% of the rental payment is credited to the future construction of the Demien Family Branch.  The lease holds the District liable for 60% of the property taxes.  Carl Sandstedt feels the District occupies less than 60% of the building.  Greg Dohrman requested the stipulations of the lease be finalized before bringing it to the Board.  He asked Jim Brown to provide a status report at the next meeting.

MOTION:  John Thoelke moved to table the extension of the lease for the Library Express at DiscoveryVillageuntil the January meeting.  Lisa Pelikan  seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, two absent.

11-21 Fy2010 Audit

The audit was presented to the Finance Committee of the Board by a representative of Botz, Deal & Company, PC.  There was no evidence of illegal activity or suggestions for new or revised policies.  Rick Schultz reported the auditor was concerned by the length of time it took to clear out uncashed Library checks.  He explained that some employees held checks for long periods.  There are also some unclaimed checks with the State which Rick will claim for the District.  John Thoelke had queried Rick about the $70,000 overexpenditure of the line item for salaries.  The overexpenditure was attributed to unbudgeted items such as leave paid to retirees,  new hires paid at higher rate than the former employee because of additional degree, etc.  In hindsight, the line item could have been adjusted by requesting the Board to allocate additional funds or reallocation of funds within the budget.

MOTION:  John Thoelke moved to accept the FY10 Audit report.  Myra Crook seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, two absent.

11-25 FY11-Technology Plan

Frank Noto presented the 1st Draft of the revised Technology Plan for the Library District.  A technology plan is required in order for the District to receive e-rate reimbursement for technology costs.  The Technology plan outlines all of the District’s plans for telecommunications, computers, and other technology projects.  After approval by the Board, the draft is sent to the State Library for review.  The final plan will be posted on the library website.

MOTION:  Jerry Cook moved to approve the draft of the FY12-FY14 Technology Plan.  Mary Reese seconded.  Motion passed seven affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, two absent.

11-20 Building Corporation Meeting-Appointees and Meeting Date

Moved from consent to formal agenda.  The annual meeting of the Building Corporation must be held before December 31, 2010.  Having a quorum is a concern.  In the event of a lack of a quorum, Carl Sandstedt suggested he be named as an alternate with Jim Brown assuming the Director spot on the corporation.  The Board did not feel that was a suitable resolution.  No action was taken.  Members of the Corporation will be contacted regarding a date for the meeting.  A phone conference is acceptable.

MOTION:  There being no further business, Lisa Pelikan moved to adjourn.  John Thoelke seconded.  Motion passed five affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, four absent.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Margaret A. Preiss, Acting Recording Secretary


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