Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Do you care for someone with an intellectual or developmental disability? The Library offers tools, resources, and classes that are designed (or can be adapted) for our customers with disabilities. These resources can provide learning assistance and opportunities to interact with others in the community.


Did you know that audiobooks can help individuals with learning disabilities?

  • 61% of students are more motivated to read when they use audiobooks.
  • Listening helps people create word pictures in their minds. Associating words with pictures helps them recognize and remember words.
  • Listening reinforces comprehension.
  • 76% of students improved their ability to read when they used audiobooks.

The Library provides audiobooks for kids, teens, and adults FREE with a library card from these sources:

 Classes and Events

Many of the classes and events that are offered at the Library are accessible to adults and children with developmental disabilities.



Adults with developmental disabilities are encouraged to attend classes at the Library. The events listed here offer auditory, tactile, and/or visual stimulation that encourages engagement. Attending classes can also provide needed interaction with others.

Color Your World: link

Movies at the Library: link

Live at the Library: link 



Youth with developmental or learning disabilities have a wide variety of choices in accessible classes at the Library. Classes that offer hands-on learning opportunities, movement, and quick transitions between activities help keep the attention of all young learners. Here are just a few that the Library offers:

Grow Your Reader classes: link

Can’t Sit Still Storytime: link

 Sensory Kits

Many branches also have Sensory Kits on hand to enhance a class or event (for those who have issues with noise, light, or distractions). Each kit includes a variety of the following items:

  • Noise-canceling headphones (both child and adult size)

  • Tangle Fidget toys

  • Inflatable textured seats

  • Light filters

  • Weighted lap pads

  • Schedule boards, with color-coded activity cards

Contact the branch where your class or event is being held to determine the availability of a Sensory Kit.

In addition to electronic resources, classes, and events, the Library also offers books at every reading level, music CDs of all kinds, and movies for all ages. Browse our myLibrary Catalog here, or ask staff at your nearest branch for recommendations.