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Dress Appropriate for Employees

Employees serve as representatives of the Library District and therefore must present a professional appearance while on duty.  Work attire should complement Library services and programs and convey respect for our customers.  It is expected that all staff members will consider their position, duties, customer contact, and safety standards when choosing their work attire.

Appropriate dress guidelines:

Name Tag: All employees must wear the current version of the employee badge during their scheduled shift and while representing the Library District.

Shirts: Employees should choose shirts that give a professional appearance.   Shirts that feature the Library logo may be worn anytime.  Shirts that feature a special library event or program may be worn during a designated time period approved by the Assistant Director or Director.   With Assistant Director or Director approval employees may wear shirts to celebrate or support a community event.   Unacceptable attire includes:  shirts with large logos, slogans, low necklines, strapless tops, sheer fabrics, or sweatshirts.  Fleece or other kinds of outdoor jackets or vests should not be worn indoors.

Slacks: Dress slacks or khakis are preferred. Jeans may be worn if they are free of holes, tears, or fraying hems and do not detract from the professional image of the employee.   Shorts should not be worn in the library or office.   With manager approval, delivery drivers may wear shorts in summer months.

Skirts/Dresses:  Professional styling and conservative length are required.

Shoes:  Employees who are lifting and moving library materials should protect their feet by wearing closed toe shoes.

Hair: Employees should choose hair styles that are neat and present a professional look.

Piercings: Facial jewelry, such as eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings, and tongue studs, is not professionally appropriate and should not be worn during business hours. 

Tattoos:  Tattoos should be covered or non-conspicuous.

Colognes or perfumes:  As a courtesy to those who may be allergic to certain scents employees should refrain from heavy use of colognes or perfumes.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for an employee’s religious beliefs consistent with business necessity to present a professional appearance to our customers.   The responsibility to ensure that employees are meeting acceptable standards of dress lies with the immediate supervisor.   The immediate supervisor may instruct employees who do not meet the standards of this dress code to take corrective action, including leaving the work place to change clothes.  Any work missed because of failure to comply with the dress code will not be compensated.  Multiple violations of the dress code policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

(Approved 2/9/09, Updated 11/12/13)