E075 -


Employee Insurance

The St. Charles City-County Library District shall provide full time employees with a benefit package that includes: medical and dental insurance, short and long-term disability benefits, life and AD&D insurance, voluntary life insurance and flexible spending accounts.

Employees and their dependents may receive coverage under the medical, dental and voluntary life insurance plans. Enrollment in these benefit plans is optional. Employees may elect to enroll in one or all of the offerings. The Library District will subsidize some of the costs for the medical and dental insurance. The amount of the subsidy shall be determined annually by the Director and assessed on a prorated basis for each insurance option.

The disability benefits and life insurance benefits are limited to full time employees and fully funded by the Library District.

The District will contract with an insurance broker to coordinate benefit programs, negotiate new contracts or renew existing contracts, and present benefit informational meetings.

In some instances, there may be financial savings to self-fund a particular benefit program and contract with a third party to administer the benefits. The Director will work closely with the insurance broker and senior members of the management team to determine the feasibility of such insurance options.

The Library District uses a Flexible Benefits Plan, in accordance with Section 125 and 129 of the Internal Revenue Code, to enable full time employees to pay for insurance premiums and contribute to flexible spending accounts for medical or work-necessitated day care expenses on a pre-tax basis.

Insurance coverage will end on the employee’s last day of employment unless the policy specifically extends the coverage to the last day of the month. The employee shall pay the normal monthly premium for all insurance coverage extended to the end of the month. Refer to policy E544 for more details on Termination of Employment.

The Library District shall comply with the Patient Protection Affordable Health Care Act to define full time employment. Temporary employees, as defined by Policy E111, are not eligible for insurance benefits or flexible spending accounts.

Approved 11/10/2015