Employment Classifications

It is the intent of the Library District to clarify the definitions of employment classifications so that employees understand their employment status and benefits eligibility. These classifications do not guarantee employment for any specified period of time. The right to terminate the employment relationship at will at any time is retained by both the employee and the St. Charles City-County Library District.

All employees are designated as either nonexempt or exempt under state and federal wage and hour laws:

Nonexempt employees are employees whose work is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). They are not exempt from the law’s requirements concerning minimum wage and overtime.

Exempt employees are generally executives, managers, professionals, administrative staff, or certain computer related occupations who are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the FLSA because their jobs meet the standards and criteria established under the FLSA by the US Department of Labor. 

The Library District has established the following categories for both nonexempt and exempt employees.

Regular, full-time employees are budgeted to work a full-time schedule, of 2080 hours per year. Generally, they are eligible for the full benefits package, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of each benefit program.

Regular, part-time employees are regularly budgeted to work 28 hours or less each week, not to exceed 1499 hours per year. Regular part-time employees are eligible for some of the benefits offered by the District, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of each benefit program.

Temporary employees are hired as interim replacements for regular staff or hired to assist in the completion of a specific project. Temporary employees are not eligible for benefits or regular salary increases. Hourly wages will remain at the first step of the pay track. Temporary employees hired to fill a budgeted position will be paid at the first step of the pay track of the position.  Time spent as a temporary employee does not count towards seniority for benefit or compensation calculations.

(Revised July 12, 2010, June 14, 2016)