Leave - Annual Leave

The Library District provides paid annual leave for all employees holding budgeted positions. Accrual begins on the first day of the pay period following the hire date.

Annual leave is accrued according to the schedule in this policy. Annual leave may be used after it is earned, the District does not advance annual leave. Annual leave will not be earned during an unpaid leave of absence.

Annual Leave Schedule
Based on 2080 hours worked and 26 pay periods

Anniversary Year

Leave Ratio (changed to fit 2080)

Yearly Accrual

0 to 3rd Anniversary Date


100 hours per year

3rd to 8th Anniversary Date


125 hours per year

8th to 15th Anniversary Date


150 hours per year

15th Anniversary Date


175 hours per year



  • Exempt employees will accrue annual leave based on the budgeted hours in a pay period. The calculation method for exempt employees will be the FTE * 2080 hours *Leave Ratio / by 26 pay periods.
  • Nonexempt employees will accrue annual leave based on actual hours worked in a pay period. The pay period calculation method for nonexempt employees will be the Hours Worked * Leave Ratio.  Annual totals will vary depending on hours worked in a year.

Leave Requests
Employees should request annual leave electronically through the District’s payroll software. Employees should request annual leave at least two weeks in advance. Requests will be evaluated based on a number of factors, including department/branch operating and staffing requirements. The supervisor will approve or deny the request through the payroll software.

Annual Leave will be paid at the employee’s base rate at the time the leave is taken.

Use of annual leave for sick leave
Annual leave will be used in circumstances of employee absences that have exhausted the employee’s available sick leave.  Once the sick leave bank has been exhausted personal leave and annual leave will used to pay for time missed.

Accrual of annual leave
Annual leave may be carried over from year to year until a maximum level is reached.

  • Full time employees may carry over up to 240 hours.

  • Part time employees in budgeted positions of .500-.700 FTE may carry over 120 hours.

  • Part time employees in budgeted positions of .300 -.475 FTE may carry over 60 hours. Annual leave accrual will temporarily stop when the maximum is reached until annual leave is scheduled or taken and the total falls below the maximum.

Termination of employment
If employment is terminated, accrued, unused annual leave that has been earned through the last day of active employment will be paid at the employee’s base rate of pay at termination. In the event of the employee’s death, earned, unused annual leave will be paid to the employee’s estate.


This policy will be effective July 1, 2000,
and revised on 5/14/01 and 1/9/06. 

Approved 08/18/2016
Effective 01/01/2017