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Leave – Jury Duty and Voting

Jury Duty

Budgeted employees who are summoned to jury duty will receive time off with pay for normally scheduled shifts not to exceed 15 workdays per year.  Compensation for jury service will be at the employee’s base rate and will not exceed the employee’s weekly budgeted hours.  Employees may keep their jury fees.  Proof of attendance is required and should be given to the immediate supervisor.  Absence from work for jury service is considered an approved absence. 

Employees are not required to use annual leave or personal time for time spent responding to a summons for jury duty, participating in the jury selection process or time spent serving on a jury. (RSMo 494.460)


Time off to vote

The Library District will allow an employee to take up to three hours off work to vote at any election held within the state, if there are not three consecutive hours when the polls are open during which the employee is not required to be at work.

The employee must request time off from his or her immediate supervisor prior to the Election Day in order to be absent without loss of pay or disciplinary action.  The immediate supervisor may specify when the employee may take time off during the scheduled shift.  Absence from work for the purpose of voting is considered an approved absence.  (RSMo 115.639)


Approved 12.11.95, Revised 8.9.2016