Leave - Personal Leave

All employees in budgeted positions are eligible to receive Personal Leave.
With supervisor approval, Personal Leave may be taken anytime during the calendar year.

  • Personal Leave will be awarded to budgeted employees on January 1st.
    • ​Full time employees will receive 32 hours.
    • Part time employees will receive hours equal to their budgeted FTE.
  • Mid-year changes in FTE will not affect the amount of the award.
  • Personal Leave will be prorated for new employees and will be awarded on the first of the month following the date of hire.
  • Personal Leave will not carry over to the next calendar year.
  • The District will not compensate employees for unused hours at the end of the calendar year or upon termination of employment.

The following conditions apply to the Personal Leave policy:

  • It is not considered as time worked for the purpose of overtime calculations.
  • It should replace scheduled hours and not be used as additional compensation.

Awards  (Examples listed below reflect the most common FTEs in the budget)

Budgeted FTE            Award Levels

.300                             12 hours
.375                             15 hours
.400                             16 hours
.450                             18 hours
.500                             20 hours
.600                             24 hours
.625                             25 hours
.700                             28 hours
1.00                             32 hours


 (Approved 8/18/2016. Effective 1/1/2017)