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References for Employment

For the purpose of employment verification or references, the St. Charles City-County Library District will only provide information that has been made public including dates of employment, nature of the job performed, classification, and salary of current and past employees. Additional information may be released upon receiving written authorization from the employee.

A current or past employee may request a reference from his/her immediate supervisor or other District personnel. These references are considered "personal references" and should not be construed as a reference issued by the St. Charles City- County Library District. Supervisors granting these references must identify them as "personal references" and may use their titles and District letterhead as their option.

A current or past employee may review his/her personnel file in the presence of the Human Resources Manager. He/she may receive photocopies of material from his/her personnel file by submitting a written request to the Human Resources Manager, identifying the documents to be copies and including an original signature of the employee.

Personnel files of all current and past employees of the St. Charles City-County Library District are the sole property of the District. At no time shall original documents in any personnel file be taken from the premises nor shall it be released to employees, their designee or any other individual except by court order or subpoena.

(Revised 10/14/91)