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Help Fight Global Bird Loss Right from Your Own Backyard!

The Great Courses: The National Geographic Guide to Birding in North America
Birding offers direct contact with one of our primary treasures of wildlife. Learn the core elements of birding and methods for observing birds in the field with The Great Courses.
Counting on Birds: Tales of Migration
Learn about bird counting, the paths of bird migration, and more in this compilation from PBS.
Bird Watching Magazine
Regardless of whether you enjoy birds in your backyard or far afield, Bird Watching Magazine features information that will help you find, attract, identify, and understand birds; connect with other birders; and increase your enjoyment of birdwatching.



New study finds U.S. and Canada have lost more than one in four birds in the past 50 years.
The National Zoo recently reported that we have lost one-quarter of our bird population in the last half-century. 
Birds are dying off at an alarming rate.
Here's how you can help from your own backyard
"So, what can be done to stop bird loss? While decisions about protecting habitats are often in the hands of lawmakers, there are things you can do in your own backyard to help birds thrive."

The next Great Backyard Bird Count is February 14th - 17th.