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August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day

Tips & Tricks
Thrifting 101: Live your best life for less
Before you hit the stores, check out this comprehensive list of thrifting tips.

There's an app for that!
Online Thrifting
What? No time to shop? Thrift anywhere and anytime with these "thrifty" apps!

Good for the environment
Jessi Arrington: How Can Thrifting Clothes Help The Environment - And Your Style?
You know the tips and are set to hit the shops. Next step? Listen to designer, Jessi Arrington, tell NPR how she builds a sustainable wardrobe from thrifted finds.

Fashionable & Creative
Learn to upcycle your treasures into fun, new fashions! Use your Library card to sign up for a Creativebug account and then enter upcycle in the search bar to find more than 30 classes to show you how.

Get inspired
Junkies Magazine
Want even more ideas? Turn to the Australian magazine Junkies for eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle tips focused on rethinking, reusing, reducing and recycling.