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Collection spotlight

Thinking about a plant-based way of eating? 
Learn about the different types of plant-based diets and tips for making your change successful in January's Collection Spotlight.


Isn't Plant-Based Another Word for Vegan? Not Quite.

Learn about the differences between veganism and plant-based, whole-food eating plans.


Protect Your Heart by Adding These Five Foods to Your Plate.

Eating more unprocessed, plant-based foods is one of the best ways you can protect your heart.


Albert Einstein Predicted the Mental Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet 90 Years Ago!

This article explores the evidence that a diet high in healthy plant-based foods is beneficial for our physical and mental health.


Discover 5 Brawny Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for Men!

Across North America, it’s predominantly women who go plant-based. The complex reasons reach deep into the psyche of men.


You're Never Too Old to Go Plant-Based, Just Be Sure to Avoid These Potential Pitfalls!

You have to be selective when choosing a plant-based diet to ensure that you get enough calories and nutrients. Here’s how to avoid the potential pitfalls of a vegan diet.

The "plan A" diet: combining whole food, plant-based nutrition with the timeless wisdom of scripture by Cyd Notter. (also available in eBook on hoopla)
Fix-it and forget-it plant-based keto cookbook: healthy and delicious low-carb, vegan recipes by Hope Comerford. (also available in eBook on hoopla)
Smart plants : power foods & natural nootropics for optimized thinking, focus & memory by Julie Morris.
Plants-only kitchen: over 70 delicious, super-simple, powerful & protein-packed recipes for busy people by Gaz Oakley.
Plant-powered protein: 125 recipes for using today's amazing meat alternatives by Nava Atlas.