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Collection spotlight

African rats help turn Cambodian minefields into rice fields, for peanuts

From 1979 to 2017, leftover munitions in Cambodia killed nearly 20,000 people, but thanks to the work of African giant pouch rats hundreds of acres have been cleared for farming. If you or a family member would like to help these wonderful animals save lives, visit the APOPO's organization and adopt a rat

Animal Heroes of World War II

Out of loyalty to their pack, adoration for their handlers, and expert training, these animals became heroes.

A Beluga Whale Is Allegedly a Russian Spy

If the whale is indeed a Russian spy, as speculated in headlines around the world, it would not be the first marine mammal drafted into military service.

Space Dogs

The triumphant return of the shaggy crew yielded invaluable information about the effect of various aspects of space flight on the physiological, genetic, and cell biology systems of living beings.

The Extraordinary Afterlife of Jumbo the Elephant

Giving a tug on the tail was believed to bring good luck.