F024 -


Entertainment and Meal Expenses

In general, any direct payment of entertainment or meal expenses not directly related to conference or organizational meals, or to the District’s normal per diem reimbursement, shall be restricted to the following. Occasional additional expenses of the same general type and nature as those delineated below may be allowed:

Meals for visiting dignitaries such as senior staff from the Missouri State Library or other libraries, governmental or educational leaders.

Receptions, such as the annual legislative reception and library open house, or receptions held in honor of the dedication of a new library or library addition. The majority of expenses for such receptions shall normally, however, be the responsibility of the Friends of the Library or other support officers.

Meals during the orientation period of new senior staff members, board appointees, building corporation members or Friends of the Library officers.

Meals during the interviewing of applicants as specified in Policy #F016.

Normal meal functions for official travel for board members, Friends official staff members and other officials doing District business, when general reimbursement for meal functions would be less complicated than issuing individual reimbursement checks.

A monthly meeting to be held by the Director to bring staff members from branches, bureaus, and divisions together to discuss ways of bettering the District’s performance may include a meal function.

Administrative meetings without significant outside involvement as specified above shall not be reimbursed, unless such meetings comport with modified per diem reimbursement policies as specified in other travel policies.

Any expenditures reimbursed under this policy shall be approved by the Director or Deputy Director of the District.

(Adopted 9/10/90)