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Federal Grants

The Federal Government is the largest grant making body in the field. There are 15 different types of grants, but the main types are:

  • Formula or "Block" Grants: Non-competitive grants where the funds are allocated according to a set of criteria usually specific to a problem area or geographic region.
  • Non-Formula or "Project / Research Grants": These are the competitive grants that are awarded by various U.S. Agencies. The grant seeker sets up the project design, but the applications are often long and tedious. Applications are also peer reviewed and take about 3-6 months for response time.
  • Others: Loans, Business Contracting, benefits, etc.  Other types of assistance are explained on the US Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance website: ( ).

On-Line Federal Grant Directories:

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
This is the main Government site to search and for some apply on-line for grant opportunities.

Federal Registrar:
When grant programs are up for review or change, the comments are published in the federal registrar, use this tool to keep current.

Government Loan Programs:

Federal Business Opportunities:

Library Sources:

Federal Grants Management Handbook (Vol. 1&2)
NPR 658.15209 Federal (SP Nonprofit collection located on 2nd floor)
This binder explains about the grant process, from how to prepare a proposal, to the evaluation and selection criteria. Also provides extensive information about managing the grant (reporting, auditing, etc.).

Guide to Federal Funding for Government & Nonprofits (Vol. 1&2 +bulletins)
NPR 353.00752 Guide (SP Nonprofit collection located on 2nd floor)
This binder contains a great index that makes searching the CDFA easier. It is updated quarterly, with monthly bulletins, and can be used to search for grant programs, and keep up to date with news and changes.

*When you find a grant opportunity you may be interested in write down the CFDA number this will make searching easier as you go between different websites and sources.

Also Search the Grant making Agency's Website for further information:

Department of Agriculture (USDA) (loan & grant program)

Department of Commerce (DOC) Management)​ (Commerce Acquisition Manual)

Department of Defense (DOD) (Office of Small Business Programs) Contracting: the Basics)

Department of Education (Funding) (Financial Aid)

Department of Energy (DOE) (Funding and Financing)

Department of Health and Human Services (DOH&HS) and Contracts)

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (Info. for Non-Profits) (Grants Page) (Contracts)

Department of Justice (DOJ) Information)

Office of Justice Programs (Funding Resources)

Department of Labor (DOL) (Grant and Contract Information)

Department of State (Federal Assistance Grants)

Department of Treasury (Financial Stability)

Department of Transportation (DOT) (Main Page) (Grants)

Department of Veteran Affairs (Grants Management Services)

Independent Agencies:

Corporation for National & Community Service (Funding Opportunities) (Applying for AmeriCorps State and National Grants)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Resources for Non-Profits) (Grants & Fellowships)

General Services Administration (GSA) (Computers for Learning)

Institute of Museum and Library Services (Grant Information)

National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) (Business Opportunities)

National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) (Grant Information)

National Endowment for the Arts (Grant Information)

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) (Grant Information)

National Institute of Health (NIH) (Grant Information)

National Science Foundation (NSF) (Funding) (Grant Proposal Guide)

Small Business Administration (SBA) & Loan Information)

The United States Agency for International Development(USAID) (Partnership Opportunities)