G005 -


Cash Control

Cash Drawers
All branches shall maintain a cash drawer to be located under the counter of the circulation desk. Each drawer will be keyed to allow locking during all hours that it is unattended. The amount of the individual branch change funds shall determine the opening and closing balances for the cash drawer. Funds in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00) should not be allowed to accumulate. All excess funds should be kept in a separate secured area and locked at all times. Locking cash bags are provided for this purpose.

Cash Submittal
As a minimum standard each branch shall adhere to the following schedule for submittal of excess funds:



Days to be
Sent in

Outlying Branches


One a month

Branches averaging over $100 per week in collections


Twice a week
Tuesday & Thursday

Branches averaging over $500 per week in collections


Three times a week
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Branches averaging over $1250 per week in collections


Five times a week
Monday -- Friday

Branches shall be notified as to their level of collections and schedule. Any branch exceeding their dollar limit should not wait until their assigned day and instead add an extra day for sending their collections during that time period. All collections shall be placed into the provided cash bags with the proper documentation and will be locked prior to transportation. All documentation shall be filled out properly with two (2) individuals from the sending branch counting and verifying the collections.

(Adopted 11/11/91)