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The Board of Trustees, acknowledging the need and opportunity to expand sources of funding, authorizes the creation and continuation of a Foundation to support and enhance the Mission of the St. Charles City-County Library District, and / or closely allied purposes.

The Foundation shall be organized and its business conducted in accordance with generally accepted standards for not-for-profit charitable organizations. It's purposes shall include, but not be limited to seeking donative and earned income to supplement the District's tax-based revenue; participating in solicitation of grant-based funding for special projects, operating improvements, and public service activities; establishing and managing a fund surplus to assure perpetual revenues; and such other activities as the Foundation Board shall determine. Under no circumstance shall private benefit inure to any party through the foundation or its activities.

The President of the St. Charles City-County Library Board of Trustees, or a duly appointed representative selected from among the Trustees, shall be a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees, but shall not, by virtue of his or her position alone, be an officer of the Foundation. The specific make up of the Foundation Board will be determined by that Board, except that there shall be one designated position for a member of the St. Charles Library Building Corporation, one designated position to be filled from among the St. Charles City-County Library staff; and one designated position to be filled from among the membership of the Friends of the St. Charles City-County Library District.

The Director of the Library District, and the Planning and Development Manager will be ex-officio members of the Foundation Board and such committees and sub-committees as the Foundation deems appropriate.

(Adopted 11/9/98)