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Purchases - Conflict of Interest

Members of the Board of Trustees shall be restricted in bidding of sales to, or purchases from the District to those items placed under formal competitive bid. Trustees shall not be allowed to bid on professional services or take place in unofficial bidding processes. Where possible, trustees who are owners or officers of firms dealing in this formal bidding process should designate another member of their staff to handle all negotiations with the District. Trustees should abstain from voting on any purchases or contracts in representing the District as a Trustee.

This restriction shall not apply to maintenance of items purchased through formal bidding, provided that a stated schedule of charges for such maintenance is made available to the District and such charges are not exceeded.

The District shall be allowed to transact business with banks in the County whose board members or employees are also members of the Library Board of Trustees, provided that the Trustee does not negotiate or represent either the bank or the District in active negotiations or voting on contracts. This restriction shall apply to both depository services and competitive placement of investment funds.

(Adopted 10/10/88)