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Sale of Surplus Property

The St. Charles City-County Library District shall dispose of surplus property according to the following guidelines:

  1. No employee or board member may purchase any surplus item prior to it being made available to the general public.
  2. Each branch or department manager shall be responsible for determining if an item is saleable. The branch or department manager may properly dispose of non-saleable and/or unusable items. The appropriate branch or department manager shall report all sales or disposal of surplus items to the coordinator of finance.
  3. Surplus property shall first be made available for use within District branches and offices. If property is not of use to any other branch or office it shall be made available for sale according to the following:
Per item Anticipated Value Required Notification Required Approval Type of Sale
< $1000 public notice in branch branch or dept. mgr priced to sell
$1000 - $2500 public notice in branch,
District web page or
local / professional journal
director, assistant director
or  finance and support services manager
open or closed bidding
Over $2500 public notice in branch,
District web page or
local / professional journal
board approval open or closed bidding

  1. The Library District shall, from time to time, hold mass sales of surplus items at a central location. Public notice shall be placed, in all of the branches, on the District web page and in local papers as deemed appropriate.
  2. Upon motion of the Board of Trustees, surplus property may be used as part of a contract with other organizations and political subdivisions as defined by Missouri statute 70.2000 (Powers of Political Subdivisions to Cooperate or Contract With).
  3. This policy does not apply to sale or disposal of books and other library materials (see D096 - Sale of Materials).
  4. Disposal of computers or computer related hardware or software surplus items must be approved by the Information Technology

(Revised 8/10/98)