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Health Resources for Teachers

From The National Library of Medicine:

Resource Guide for Science Teachers (pdf) Classroom resources on topics such as Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, and many more! Spanish-language resources are also available.

Lesson Plans for Health and Science Teachers (pdf) Links to free lesson plans for middle-school and high school teachers.

PubMed Peer reviewed biomedical citations and links to full text articles for high school and college level research

Tox Town Interactive page for grades 6-12, exploring common hazards in homes and the environment

Genetics Home Reference Expert summaries on over 400 genetic diseases.

Pediatrician reviewed information with separate entry points for children and adults.

Authoritative information on over 800 health topics, drugs, and supplements.


Citing Medical Research

National Library of Medicine Style Guide, Citing Medicine

Purdue Online Writing Lab- APA Style

Purdue Online Writing Lab-MLA Style