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America's FactFinder:
American Community Survey:
Census Data: Poverty:
Census Data: Income:

Census: 2012 Economic Census
The Economic Census profiles the US economy every 5 years, from the national to the local level. It provides information on number of businesses in an industry (with sales data), includes industry reports by state.

Census: Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates (SAIPE):
The Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) program provides more current estimates of selected income and poverty statistics than those from the most recent decennial census.  Estimates are created for school districts, counties, and states.

ONet Online
A Tool for career exploration and job analysis

BLS: Bureau of Labor Statistics
The web site hosted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers information on inflation, consumer spending, wages and benefits, productivity, safety and health, employment and unemployment, industries, business costs, links to their publications, and career information for kids, among other topics.
Main Page: 
Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE):
Consumer Price Index: (Main page)
Consumer Price Index (Missouri):
Local Area Unemployment:

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Transportation demographics, airline on-time statistics, airline fuel cost, and more

Center for Retirement Research at Boston College (CRR)
Read the CRR 2009 Retirement Survey.  The survey addressed a wide range of factors that could influence workers' response to the downturn, including socio-economic, financial, employment, and behavioral characteristics.

Economic Research Service (ERS): - US Department of Agriculture
Statistical Data on Food, Farming, Natural Resources, and Rural America.

Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies
The "Databank" contains Demographic and Economic statistics and reports on the state of minority populations. (Main Page)


Missouri Census Information
Raw Data:
Circular Area Profiles:
Tract Number (MO):
MO Demographic Profiles:

Illinois Census Information
Tract Number (IL):
Place (IL):
State Demographic Profiles:

BEA: U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis
The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) collects economic information from primary sources and produces reports based on their own research and analysis. Their regional page can provide economic statistics at the state and county level. (Main Page) (Select State) 

Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity

Missouri Department of Economic Development

Missouri Division of Workforce Development(Missouri Career Centers)

MERIC: Missouri Economic Research and Information Center
MERIC is a division of the Missouri Department of Economic Development. The Webpage is updated regularly and provides statistics and reports on economic indicators for the state of Missouri and its counties. Page)

Missouri Department of Labor
Occupational Injury and Illness Statistics.

Missouri Department of Social Services
Fact sheets on the economic conditions of Missouri at the State, County and MSA level

MU: Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security:
Missouri Hunger Atlas 2016: 

Key features of the Missouri Hunger Atlas
•County Tables for each county in Missouri (including the city of St. Louis) that measure rates of both food insecurity and program performance.
•State Maps that graphically illustrate patterns of food insecurity and program performance across the state.
•County Rankings, Comparisons, and Trends which rank counties based on need and performance measures, compare  county measures with state averages, and indicate the trend for particular measures over time.

NCCP: National Center for Children in Poverty
NCCP is a nonprofit group that produces reports on economic factors and government policies and its link to poverty. The Website contains a "data wizard" which allows the user to make charts to compare demographics, income, and polices. (Main Page) profile) (Illinois profile)

OSEDA: Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis
OSEDA collects social and economic data and produces reports focusing on important public policy issues. Projects vary in scope and include: Missouri's Kids count, Status of Seniors in St. Louis, Social and Economic Indicator Resource, business indicator tool project, and others. (Main Page) (Missouri Counties)

Statewide Homelessness Study: Homelessness in Missouri
The 2013 Missouri Statewide Homelessness Study reports data on the 2011-2012 biennial period.
2015 Study


Missouri Economic Research and Information Center: Local Area unemployment statistics (LAUS) (Main Page) (Local Area unemployment statistics)