On Monday, June 22 St. Charles City-County Library Branches will open our doors and return to in-person Library service. Learn more here. Note: Due to recent flooding, the Kathryn Linnemann Branch remains closed.

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Library Policies





Section A - Board of Trustees

A048 By Laws of Board of Trustees (Effective 8/13/19)
A062 Library Board Meetings (Effective 8/13/19)
A096 Open Meetings and Records (Effective 8/13/19)
 Section B - Goals, Expansion and Physical Plant
B048 Mission, Vision, and Values (Effective 1/8/2019)
B068 Permits and Zoning (Effective 10/09/06)
B088 Service Facilities-Located to Service Population, Not Municipalities (Effective 12/11/95)


Section C - Public Services

C016 Abandoned Minors (Effective 4/9/84)
C024 Acceptable Use -Electronic Information Systems (Effective 2/14/17)
C024.4 Acceptable Use - Electronic Information Systems - CIPA Compliance (Effective 07/09/09)
C024.5 Acceptable Use - Electronic Information Systems - Federal Government Information (Effective 2/11/14)
C024.7 Acceptable Use - Electronic Information Systems - Missouri Statutory Compliance (Effective 6/14/04)
C056 Charitable and Community Activities--District Wide (Effective 2/8/93)
C056.5 Charitable and Community Activities--Local (Effective 10/9/2012)
C057 Fundraising Events District Wide (Effective 10-9-12)
C060 Copier and Printer Charges (Effective 6/12/95)
C064 Denial of Service (Effective 12/11/18)
C064.5 Denial of Service - Appeal (Effective 4/8/91)
C128 Fees & Charges (Effective 12/11/18)
C152 Holidays (Effective 2/14/05)
C160 Hours of Operation (Effective 9/1/18)
C176 Incident Report (Effective 2/13/84)
C184 Code of Conduct (Effective 3/11/20))
Distribution and Consumption of Alcohol on Library District Grounds (Effective 1/8/13)
C192 Interlibrary Loan (Effective 12/11/18)
C232 Library Card (Effective 12/11/18)
C240 Loan Periods (Effective 12/11/18)
C250 Meeting Room Policy (Effective 9/8/2015)
C250 (New policy effective 7/1/2020) Meeting Room Policy
C251a Fees Associated with Community Commons Rooms 240, 243, and 259 (Effective 5/14/2013)
C255 Community Commons Meeting Room Policy (Effective 12/12/2011)
C255 (New policy effective 7/1/2020Community Commons Meeting and Event Rooms
C256 Community Commons Event Room Policy (Effective 5/14/2013)
C264 Petitions, Surveys & Electioneering (Effective 2/13/18)
C268 Photography and Recording (Effective10/9/18)
C272 Postings and Signs (Effective 2/13/18)
C280 Privacy of Library Circulation Records (Effective 10/14/14)
C280.5 Privacy of Library Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Effective 10/9/06)
C281 Classes and Events (Effective10/9/18)
C281.8 Reciprocity (Effective6/13/94)
C283 Service Animals (Effective 3/11/20)
C285.2 Smoke-Free Environment (Effective 8/12/2014)
C285.3 Social Media Policy (Effective 3/11/20)
C285.5 Staff Materials Borrowing (Effective 9/11/06)
C294 Temporary Closing of Branches (Effective 8/12/91)
C296 Test Proctoring (Effective 3/11/2014)

 Section D - Collection Management

D032 Collection Management Policy (Effective 4/9/2013)
D032.2 Library Bill of Rights (Effective 12/8/86)
D032.3 Freedom to Read Statement (Effective 12/8/86)
D032.4 Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials (Effective 5/14/2013)
D064 Gifts (Effective 11/10/86)
D072 Government Documents (Effective 2/12/90)
D096 Sale of Materials Policy (Effective 9/10/90)


Section E - Personnel

E008 Adjustments to Approved Positions (Effective 4/14/2015)
E024 Appointment In Track (Effective 4/10/06)
E032 Job Classifications (Effective 12/10/19 )
E050 Code of Ethics, Library Employees (Effective 10/9/18)
E064 Contributions (Effective 11/5/90)
E067 Copiers - Use by Employees (Effective 9/9/91)
E070 Corrective Counseling and Performance Improvement (Effective 3/11/91)
E075 Employee Dress Code (Effective 4/9/19)
E077 Driver Safety Policy (Effective 3/14/17)
E080 Drug Testing & Drug-Free Workplace (Effective 7/10/06)
E092 Staff Electronic Acceptable Usage (Effective 3/11/20)
E096 Employee Insurance (Effective 11/10/15)
E110 Employee Record Checks (Effective 6/10/85)
E111 Employment Classifications (Effective 6/14/16)
E112 Equal Employment Opportunity Statement (Effective 5/13/14)
E113 E-Verify Program for Employment Verification (Effective12/8/08)
E120 Flexible Spending Account (Effective12/10/13)
E128 Employee Grievance (Effective 3/13/06)
E144 Harassment (Effective 5/13/14)
E160 Holidays (Effective 1/1/2017)
E164 Indemnification (Effective 3/12/90)
E174 Intellectual Property Compliance (Effective 10/9/18)
E192 Leave-Annual Leave (Effective 1/1/2017)
E224 Leave - Jury Duty and Voting (Effective 8/9/2016)
E256 Leave-Compassionate (Effective 2/14/2012)
E288 Leave-Educational (Effective 10/14/91)
E310 Leave-Family and Medical (Effective 9/13/16)
E330 Leave-Military (Effective 10/13/08)
E340 Leave -Personal Leave (Effective 1/1/2017)
E352 Leave-Sick Leave (Effective 1/1/2017)
E360 Leave Without Pay (Effective 12/8/03)
E364 Meal Periods - Evenings and Saturday (Effective 9/12/2011)
E365 Break Periods (Effective 9/13/16)
E366 Nepotism (Effective 9/12/17)
E368 Organizational Chart (Effective 8/13/19)
E384 Overtime (Effective 6/14/16)
E392 Paraprofessional Training-Class Instructors (Effective December 2010)
E400 Personnel Action Forms (Effective 4/11/2017)
E448 Internal Transfer Policy Lateral or Promotional Transfers (Effective 3/14/17)
E460 Public Employee Deferred Compensation Program (Effective 9/10/01)
E465 Public Safety Emergencies (Effective 3/11/20)
E469 Employee Recognition and Appreciation (Effective 11/13/18)
E472 References for Employment (Effective 10/14/91)
E480 Retirement (Effective 12/10/13)
E496 Rights of Management - Assignment of Staff (Effective 8/14/95)
E512 Salary Schedule (pdf) (Effective 1/1/20)
E512.1 Compensation Plan (Effective 7/8/19 )
E512.2 Promotion or Demotion (Effective 2/14/17)
E512.3 Recognition of Educational Advancement (Effective 2/14/17)
E534 Staff Development Day (Effective 4/11/2017)
E544 Termination of Employment (Effective 3/8/16)
E544.1 Termination of Employment - Layoff (Effective 3/8/16)
E544.2 Termination of Employment - Reduction in Force (Effective 3/8/16)
E552 Staff Substitutions (Effective 9/9/91)
E560 Reimbursement for Certification or Graduate Degree Programs (Effective 2/14/17)
E568 Volunteer Records check  (Effective 11/10/03)
E576 Weather Closing or Weather Emergency (Effective 12/13/16)


 Section F - Travel Regulations

F016 Applicant Expenses (Effective 9/11/89)
F020 Cellular Phone Reimbursement (Effective 5/10/04)
F024 Entertainment & Meal Expenses (Effective 9/10/90)
F032 Travel Policy (Effective 7/1/19)
F112 Professional Memberships (Effective 4/8/02)
F128 Reimbursement Modifications (Effective 5/8/78)
F144 Service Club Memberships (Effective 10/12/98)


Section G - Finance and Budget

G003 Capital Assets (Effective 5/9/17)
G005 Cash Control (Effective 11/11/91)
G006 Checks (Effective 8/14/89)
G009 Code of Ethics, Public Disclosure (Effective 8/13/19)
G016 Contributions (Effective 11/5/90)
G024 Facilities - Finance and Audit Committee (Effective 2/11/2008)
G025 Foundation (Effective 11/9/98)
G028 Fraud (Effective 3/11/20)
G031 Investments (Effective 1/10/2011)
G050 Purchasing Policy (Effective 3/12/19)
G055  Purchasing Policy - Professional Services (Effective 3/12/19)
G074 Sale of Surplus Property (Renumbered from GO32) (Effective 8/10/98)
G092 Tax Abatements and Tax Increment Financing (Effective 8/14/95)
G112 Outstanding Checks (Effective 5/9/17)