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   City of St. Charles 150th Anniversary Celebration Oct. 12 - 19. The  pamphlet scheduling the festivities for St. Charles 150th year celebration. Included is a brief history of the City, a listing of historical places with maps, and the program for the eight days of proceedings.    

   City of St. Charles Car Company. A pictorical book exhibiting the many types of railroad rolling stock production by the St. Charles Car Company, who was founded in 1872 or 1877 and merged with five other comapnies to become the American Car and Foundry (ACF) in 1899. The St. Charles branch was the main passenger car producer until 1959 when it was phased out of operation. 

   Historical Images of St. Charles Postcards. St. Charles area postcards which date from the 19th to 20th centuries. Many of the photographs were taken by Mr. R. Goebel, a local photographer. Includes Goverment buildings, residental neighborhoods, churches, and many other historical edifices.   

   Images of Frenchtown. A postcard database which features views of Frenchtown - 2nd, 3rd, 5th streets in St. Charles. Commisioned by Richard Vinson 1988-1998. The artist is Bob Cays.

   Portrait and Biographical Record of St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties. Access to Missouri's Digital Heritage web page containing many of Missouri's County Histories. Includes synoposes of many of the prestigious and notable citizens along with biographical sketches of America's Presidents until 1895.

   St. Charles County Maps: 1933, 1940, 1964, 1973, 1981, 1991, 2002. A selection of County maps dating 1933 until 2002.   

   St. Charles Progresive 1916 - Digital Picturebook of the City. The images in this database have been scanned from a 1916 publication of the Chamber of Commerce of St. Charles. It was published by Thomas J. Campbvell, Art Printing, 121 Jefferson Street, St. Charles MO. This volume contains many scenes from varied establishments and institutions across the city.   

   St. Charles Rugby Owl 1906. A periodical published quarterly by the Cadets of the Rugby School of Technology. Inside are articles and pictures displaying military prepatory school life at the beginning of the twentith century. 

   St. Charles Rugby School of Technology 1906. A register for the Rugby School of Technology. Included  is a schedule for the calender year, list of the teaching staff, the School's mission statement, requirements and fees, plus a student roster.    

   St. Charles in the World War. A roster of the men and women from St. Charles who served for the military in the First World War. Included is "A history of  war activities at home", plus a brief history of the Great War.