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St. Charles City-County Library District

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March 14, 2011

The St. Charles City-County Library District Board of Trustees met at 7:00 pmon Monday, March 14, 2011at the Administrative Offices located at 77 Boone Hills Drivein St. Peters, Missouri.

Board Members present:

  • Greg Dorhrman
  • Jerry Cook
  • Myra Crook
  • Debbie Haupt
  • Gary Heggs
  • Mary Reese
  • John Thoelke
  • Kathleen Todd

Board members absent:

  • Lisa Pelikan

Library Staff present:

  • Jim Brown, Director
  • Betty Murr, Deputy Director
  • Maggie Preiss, Children’s Resources and Marketing Coordinator
  • Richard Schultz, Finance and Support Services Coordinator
  • Denise Mandle, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Frank Noto, IT Coordinator
  • Kristin Williams, Planning & Development Coordinator
  • Ann King, Branch Manager, Kathryn Linnemann
  • Martha Radginski, Branch Manager, Middendorf-Kredell
  • AsiaGross, Branch Manager, McClay
  • Keri Cascio, Branch Manager, Kisker Road
  • Tim DeGhelder, Branch Manager, Deer Run
  • Sara Nielsen, Community Branch Manager

President Greg Dohrman called the meeting to order at 7:00 pmwith the Pledge of Allegiance.  Eight members responded to roll call. Greg Dohrman opened the floor for public comments.  No requests for time were received.

Citizens:  Matt Martin arrived after the public comment session.


The following reports were included in the Board packets. 

  • Financial Report-Rick Schultz
  • Director’s Report-Jim Brown
  • Development Report-Kristin Williams
  • Special Statistical Report-Public Service Workloads-Jim Brown
  • Monthly Statistical Report
  • Activities Report-Maggie Preiss

Foundation:  Kristin Williams announced that the Foundation received the Gale Cengage Financial Development Award for $2500.  Funds will be used to support the Imagine Campaign.

Public Service Workloads:  Jim Brown stated the report was relevant to the fy12 proposed Personnel budget that would be presented to the Board at the April 11 meeting.  The report is used to budget for contiguous levels of staff workloads in public service areas. 

Financial:  Healthcare costs will exceed the budgeted line item at a higher level than expected.  Costs are expected to exceed the budget by $43,000.  Rick Schultz is working on ways to improve the estimate for the line item when the budget is adopted in June because rates are not received until November.

Directors:  Jim Brown congratulated all of the staff involved in the author event with Laura Numeroff.  The participants, publisher, and bookstore all had positive comments about the event.  From the data, hosting the event in St. CharlesCountydid not detract from attendance in St. LouisCounty.  The District has a better idea now of costs and issues to be considered for large events which could be held at any of the District’s larger venues.


Minutes—February 14, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting.

MOTION:  John Thoelke moved to approve items as presented on the consent agenda.  Gary Heggs seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, one absent.


Old Business

11-01 Spencer RoadBranch Replacement

No Board action required.  Materials are now staged for work to begin on the 2nd floor.  The contractor and architect are reviewing the timeline for the project.

11-29 Preliminary Calendar Strategic Plan-Discussion

Kristin Williams discussed plans for developing the new strategic plan for the Library District.  The first step will be for a 15 member group composed of all types of library staff and Board members to meet twice in mid-April to develop broad core competencies. Feedback on these general long-range concepts will be sought from staff and library partners.  A summary report on the core issues will be presented at the May Board meeting.  The 2nd step is to use the general long-range concepts as a basis to formulate a 5 year strategic plan.  The third component is creation of smaller tasks that will be necessary to achieve the plan.  John Thoelke asked if the District planned to use a facilitator.  Jim Brown stated at this time the plan was to utilize library staff. Kristin Williams reported she will serve as facilitator to move the process along and package the results into the 5 year plan.

New Business

11-30 Tax Rate Estimate

SB711 requires that St. CharlesCountytaxing entities provide an estimated tax to taxpayers in the Spring.  Since final figures for real estate and personal property are not available until later in the year, the estimate is truly just that.  It is not binding.  The tax rate is set by the Board in August and must be approved by the State.  Jim Brown stated that for budgeting purposes, the District has been using  fy11 equivalent revenue stream to develop the fy12 budget.  With what is known at this point, it is likely that the tax rate would need to be rolled up to generate the same amount of income.  The higher tax rate would not mean higher taxes for taxpayers since the District seeks to generate only the same amount of revenue.  He reported that components of SB711 had not been litigated but most taxing entities assume the intent of the bill is that if tax rates are rolled back voluntarily, a new tax rate ceiling is established.  The tax rate for the Library District approved by voters is 26¢.  Rick Schultz recommended that the estimated tax be reported as 22¢.  The 2010 tax rate is 20.65¢.  Greg Dohrman stated the best approach is to be honest with taxpayers and make the worst case scenario public now vs reporting a lower figure now and then raising the tax in August. 

MOTION:  Jerry Cook moved to report 22¢ as the 2011 estimated tax for the St. Charles City-County Library District.  Mary Reese seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, one absent.

11-31 FY12 Materials Budget

Jim Brown stated the proposed budget reflected needs communicated by staff.  The staff is now looking for feedback before final presentation of the budget in June.  Betty Murr reported that the target for the fy12 budget was to keep the same budget as fy11 and reallocate funds to areas with the greatest need.   Increased funding was proposed for eBooks, videogames, teen services materials and DVDs.  The District will be closely examining the number of electronic reference products to determine if all are needed, used, and provide unique resources or if expenditures can be trimmed.  John Thoelke asked who we buy eBooks for.  Betty Murr reported eBooks are purchased for adults, teens and children.  John Thoelke inquired if the District planned to add other formats of videogames.  Betty Murr responded the plan was to limit purchases to the Wii format at the direction of the Board.  Gary Heggs asked if the District could maintain its commitment to allocate 20% of operations to materials.  Jim Brown responded in the affirmative but acknowledged that operational and personnel costs would increase because of the Spencer Roadproject.

11-32 City of St. Charles McClay RoadEasement Request

The City of St. Charlesis planning improvements to McClay Roadand has asked the Library District to transfer property from the McClay Branch site free of charge to the City.  Past practice has been to negotiate with the City, utility or other entity to reimburse the District at a rate equivalent to the original cost of the property.  The original cost of the McClay property was $1.09 per square foot.  The value of land requested by the City is about $560.  The Board and staff discussed impact of the road improvements on the McClay Branch site.  Change to incline of the driveway, damage to property and/or landscaping, possible requirement to relocate signage, and drainage issues were all concerns. 

MOTION:  John Thoelke moved that staff negotiate cost of the land transfer with the City of St. Charlesand at the Directors discretion move forward with the project as long as the usability of the site was retained.  Myra Crook seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, one absent.

Jim Brown stated if he had any serious questions about slopes, drainage or other issues, he would bring his concerns to the Board before executing any agreements.

11-33 Possible Property Lease for Agricultural Use

Jim Brown reported the Library District had received two inquiries regarding the library owned property located near Meinershagen and Morrison roads.  One inquiry was to purchase the land and one was to lease the land for agricultural use.  The Board rejected the idea of selling the land.  The offer was less than the District paid to purchase it.  Rick Shultz stated that an agricultural lease was being reviewed by the District attorney.  The income from such a lease would be negligible.   The District would save the cost of mowing.  The property was farmed before the District purchased it.  The Board discussed possible liabilities (including taxes, crops, chemicals, damage, injury, etc.) to the District resulting from lease of the land.

MOTION:  John Thoelke moved that the District investigate entering into an agricultural lease of the land under discussion.  Deb Haupt seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, one absent.

11-34 Publicly Accessible Reserves-Citizen Concern

Matt Martin, a resident of St. CharlesCounty, discussed his concerns regarding the customer information printed on wrappers for reserves that are shelved in the public area.   Currently the District uses last name, first name, and last 4 digits of the customer phone number on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper that is wrapped around reserved materials.  

Reserves were moved to the public area to empower customers to retrieve their own reserves and not rely on staff.  Customer accessible reserves ties in to the District’s plans to offer self-checkout of materials in the future.

Jim Brown stated the District had not received other complaints regarding the use of customer information on the wrappers.  A few customers expressed concern for types of materials they had on reserve being shelved in a public area.  The staff offers the option to have customer reserves kept in a non-public area at customer request.  Branch managers stated the customers were very happy with the self-service reserves, and staff were able to work more efficiently at the circulation desk.

Jim Brown outlined the process the District went through before settling on the current option.  The goal was to select the best option to allow customers to easily identify their reserves and have reserves from families grouped while still protecting the privacy of the customer.  Best practices from other libraries were researched as well. 

The Board expressed concern if the option to opt out of having reserves shelved in the public area was adequately communicated to customers.  Board members were concerned that customers might opt out of reserving materials on topics they viewed as confidential if they thought their reserves could be identified in a public area. 

Greg Dohrman requested that additional options for reserves be brought to the next Board meeting.  Gary Heggs felt additional time was needed to consider all points of view.

MOTION:  Gary Heggs moved that discussion of agenda item 11-34 Publicly Accessible Reserves be continued at the April Board meeting.  Myra Crook seconded.   Jerry Cook offered an amendment to the motion to include discussion of relevant policies related to customer privacy.  Gary Heggs accepted the amendment.  Amended motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, one absent.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Margaret A. Preiss, Acting Recording Secretary


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