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november 2010 board minutes

St. Charles City-County Library District

Board of Trustees


November 8, 2010 

The St. Charles City-County Library District Board of Trustees met at 7:00 pmon Monday, November 8, 2010 at the Kisker Road Branch, 1000 Kisker Road, St. Charles, Missouri.

Board Members present:

  • Mr. Gary Heggs
  • Mr. Greg Dohrman
  • Ms Myra Crook
  • Mr. John Thoelke
  • Ms. Lisa Pelikan
  • Dr. Jerry Cook
  • Ms. Mary Reese
  • Ms. Kathleen Todd

Board Members absent:

  • Ms. Debbie Haupt

Library Staff present:

  • Mr. Carl Sandstedt, Director
  • Ms. Denise Mandle, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Mr. Richard Schultz, Coordinator of Finance and Support Services
  • Mr. Frank Noto, IT Coordinator
  • Ms. Maggie Preiss, Children’s Services and Marketing
  • Ms. Kristin Williams, Planning and Development Coordinator
  • Ms. Sara Nielsen, Community Branches and Adult Programming
  • Mr. Jim Brown, Branch Manager, Spencer Road
  • Ms. Ann King, Branch Manager, Kathryn Linnemann
  • Ms. Martha Radginski, Branch Manager, Middendorf-Kredell
  • Ms. Asia Gross, Branch Manager, McClay Road
  • Ms. Diana Tucker, Branch Manager, Corporate Parkway
  • Ms. Julie Henke, Children’s Services, Kisker Road
  • Mr. Tim Deghelder, Branch Manager, Deer Run
  • Mr. Trevor Rees, Information Resource Manager—Business and Public Management Services


President Greg Dohrman called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Eight members responded to roll call.  Mr. Dohrman opened the floor for public comments.  No requests for time were received.


MOTION: Dr. Cook moved to approve the minutes of the October 11th meeting.  Ms. Crook seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, one absent.


Financial Report

The financial report for the month of October is included in the Board packet sent to each person’s home.  The figures in the reports are finals.  Mr. Schultz mentioned a few highlights from the report:

  • The majority of revenues, over 90%, are paid in January; therefore, only 4% of budgeted revenue has been collected this fiscal year.
  • Currently, the District has $13.2 million in investments and cash equivalents. 
  • “Equipment Repair” is currently one budget line-item  running high; however, Mr. Schultz did locate an error in the figure, so the 50% (after only 4 months) reflected in the report will lower once the error is corrected.

If there are any questions regarding the report, please contact Rick Schultz at the Administrative Office, extension 1571.

Director’s Report

Mr. Sandstedt only had one additional comment to the Director’s Hotline included in the packet.  He offered an apology for double-booking himself on December 2, the original date for his retirement “rock n roll tribute”.  A “thank you” went out to Kristin Williams for rescheduling the event for January 20, 2011.  Mr. Sandstedt also reiterated his wish for no gifts, plaques, cakes, etc. to celebrate his retirement!

Special Report—Development

Kristin Williams, Coordinator of Planning and Development

The Development Report is included in the Handout Packet received at tonight’s meeting.  A brief summary is as follows:


  • The Imagine Campaign is at $13,520, or over 45% of its goal.
  • Ms. Williams will request a $1000 grant from Wentzville Rotary on Wednesday.
  • There is a series of articles about the Early Literacy Kits on
  • The Buy A Brick Campaign has sold 12 bricks to date.
  • As mentioned before, the Rock ‘n Roll Tribute to Carl has been rescheduled for January 20, 2011.
  • Keith VanHoy, a CPA for Nichols, Ziemann, Ahmed, and Co., has been nominated as a Board member through BoardlinkSTL.  The vote will take place at the November 10th, 2010meeting.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Library Legends Event honoring Bob Fleming is this Friday, November 12th at 7 pm.
  • (re)Discover Your Library luncheon is Tuesday, November 16, details will follow.
  • Library Foundation Trivia Night is March 26th 2011.

Branch Manager’s Report

Julie Henke, Children’s Services, Kisker Road

Ms. Henke welcomed the Board members and staff to her branch!  A couple of things that are happening right now at the Kisker Roadbranch are:

  • the Francis Howell Early Childhood pictures in the entry way.  This is an annual event hosted by the staff at Kisker, and parents and grandparents love to stop by the library and see their loved one’s picture!
  • The branch underwent recent renovations which included installing additional insulation in the ceiling for Winter and some foam-like flooring behind the Circulation Desk.  These are just a couple of the renovations.
  • Coming Soon:  The branch is looking to update their seating and tables, add new, warm colors to the walls, new blinds, and curbside service.

Special Report—Business and Public Management Services

Trevor Rees, Information Resource Manager

Mr. Rees distributed a packet to everyone in attendance about the organizational relationships that he keeps, and how those relationships affect his service.  Mr. Rees provides competitive research, demographic research, industry research, and laws and regulation research.

                There are three outside organizations that refer patrons who need help with business research.  Those organizations are the University of Missouri Extension Service (SBTDC), the Service Corps. of Retired Executives (SCORE), and the various Chambers of Commerce in St. CharlesCounty.

                The University of Missouri Extension Service (SBTDC) has two locations in St. CharlesCounty.  The Economic Development Center of St. Charles County with assistance from Ron Mueller and the Universityof Missouri Extension Officewith assistance from Lynette Watson offer help to people, then refer them to Mr. Rees for further research.

                The St. Charles County Office of the EconomicDevelopmentCenterhas six counselors who donate their time to help patrons.

                There are nine Chambers of Commerce in St. CharlesCounty—St. Peters, St. Charles(city of), Wentzville, O’Fallon, Foristell, Lake St. Louis/Dardenne Prairie, Cottleville/Weldon Spring, New Melle, and Augusta.

Special Report—Fines & Fees and Value Statistics

Frank Noto, IT Coordinator

This is an annual report, provided once a year.  The report is self-explanatory, but Mr. Noto provided the key highlights.

  • Chart A is Fines & Fees Assessed; it is broken down by fiscal year and FY07, FY08 FY09, and FY10.  Mr. Noto did point out the fact that the “replacement card fee” was waived from January, 2010 through September, 2010 due to the launch of the Time & Print Management System in the branches.  This waiver affected six months in FY10 and three months in FY11.
  • Chart B is Fines & Fees Owedat the end of the fiscal year.  Again, the chart shows FY07, FY08, FY09, and FY10.  The fines and fees are broken down by when (what timeframe) the fees are generated.
  • Chart C is Value of Items Outat the end of the fiscal year.  Again, this report reflects when the fees are generated, and reports fro FY07, FY08, FY09, and FY10.
  • Chart D is Check-In and Renewal Statistics, which reflects the source of the fine, how it was generated.  For example, was the item returned on or before it’s due date (3,615,770 or 87.48% of items), was the item returned 1-7 days after it’s due date, was the item returned 8-14 days after it’s due date, etc.

Statistics Report

Frank Noto, IT Coordinator

The monthly statistics report is included in the Board packet sent to each Board member’s home.  Mr. Noto reminded staff and the Board members that prior to the installation of the Time & Print Software, when a patron “checked out” a PC, it was included in the circulation statistics.  Since the installation, those numbers are not included in the circulation statistics.  The PC Usage Statistics is a separate page (page 3) of the report.  Based on that premise, if the PC numbers were added back into the circulation statistics, the District would have an increase on circulation year-to-date.  However, the report shows a -1.97% in circulation and a 2.85% increase in gate count.  Mr. Noto has recognized that there were branch closures both this year and last year that affect the overall figures.

Activities Report

Maggie Preiss, Children’s Resources and Marketing

This month’s Activities Report and the Adult Programs for November are included in the Handout Packet received at tonight’s meeting.

Community Events:

  • Denise Ulett will attend the BJC Passport to Wellness at Old Hickory Country Club and the Senior Education Fair at the Community College.
  • Cindy Barnard (Spencer Road) will attend Fairmount Family Reading Night.
  • Patsy Molina (Katherine Linnemann) will visit ElmpointEarlyChildhoodCenterand Null Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences.
  • Brad Smith is presenting on Nonprofit Services to Support Dogs Inc. and St. Louis Outcomes Evaluation Network.

Upcoming Authors & Activities:

Ms. Preiss reviewed several upcoming author events as well as activities throughout the District.  A couple of highlighted events are:

  • The Teen Author Panel at Middendorf-Kredell on Saturday, November 12 from 6-8 pm.  Currently, there are over 100 people registered for this event!
  • We will host a Local Author Open House with 25 authors who will be available to sign books on Thursday, November 18 at 4:30 pmat Middendorf-Kredell.  This is a great way to make Christmas shopping easy!
  • Carl Sandstedt will be presented the East West Gateway Lifetime Public Service Award at their Annual Meeting on Friday, November 12.
  • On December 7, Sara Nielsen will host a “Celebrate South County Branch” in Augusta.  The event will be a toast to the new library, storytime, and an author presentation.



Formal Agenda

11-01 Spencer RoadBranch Replacement

There is nothing new to report at this time.

11-04 Director Search Committee

Ms. Crook announced the end of the committee due to the fact that the Director’s position has been filled.  Congratulations to Mr. Jim Brown, Branch Manager at Spencer Road!  Mr. Brown was offered the position, and accepted, after a nationwide search.

Preliminary Agenda

11-13 Director’s Transition Dialogue Evaluation (closed session, 5:30 pm)

MOTION:  made by Mr. Dohrman, seconded by Ms. Crook, to go into closed session pursuant to Section 610.021 (3) RSMo. regarding personnel decisions.  Motion passed by a roll call vote with the following votes:  Dohrman-yes; Crook-yes; Heggs-yes; Pelikan-yes; Cook-yes; Reese-yes; Thoelke-yes; Todd-yes.

Following a description of the discussions that the search consultants had with the top candidate, and the District’s policies regarding pay grades for internal promotions, the following motion was made:

MOTION:  made by Ms. Pelikan, seconded by Ms. Reese, to appoint Jim Brown as Director of the St. Charles City-County Library District, at Track N, Level 3 on the District Salary Schedule (currently an annual salary of $110,076).  Motion passed by a vote of 8-0.

MOTION:  Ms. Pelikan moved to adjourn the closed session.  Mr. Heggs seconded.  Motion passed by a roll call vote with the following votes:  Dohrman-yes; Crook-yes; Heggs-yes; Pelikan-yes; Cook-yes; Reese-yes; Thoelke-yes; Todd-yes.

The closed session meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

11-17 Policy #E524—Special Placement—Persons with Disabilities

Mr. Sandstedt suggested that several members of staff and the Board travel to BCI to view the facility and its programs.  Mr. Sandstedt asked John Thoelke for names of different agencies that the DDRB may work with or recommend for the policy.  Denise Mandle, Human Resources Coordinator, indicated that she had received three or four phone calls from different agencies that would be interested in partnering with us in this process in the future.  Mr. Thoelke responded that it would be a simpler process if Ms. Mandle would contact the DDRB with the names of agencies that the District is interested in utilizing in this partnership.


Consent Agenda:

11-19 Extension of Lease—Library Express Discovery

Mr. Sandstedt recommended tabling this agenda item due to the fact that the end of the lease term is in approximately six months.  The item was tabled to be placed on a future agenda, prior to July of 2011, or the end of the lease term, whichever is sooner.

Formal Agenda:

11-20 Police Contracts—Kathryn-Linnemann and Deer Run

Reports from both Ann King, Branch Manager at Kathryn-Linnemann, and Tim Deghelder, Branch Manager at Deer Run, provided an update on the current situation at each of their branches involving minor children.  Both branch managers are requesting additional security to help combat the issue.  Ms. King is requesting an extension of the current security, and Mr. Deghelder is requesting permission to place police security at his branch.  Mr. Thoelke inquired whether or not there was money in the budget to extend and place security.  Mr. Schultz responded that there were funds available as well as funds leftover from the director search.  Mr. Thoelke commented that it is necessary to keep the Board Members informed of both situations, but not necessary to continue to return to the Board for approval to extend contracts.

MOTION:  Mr. Thoelke moved to approve police contracts at Kathryn Linnemann and Deer Run as proposed.  Dr. Cook seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.

MOTION:Ms. Pelikan moved to adjourn the open session. Mr. Thoelke seconded.  Motion passed eight affirmative, zero negative, zero abstentions, and one absent.

The meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm.

Respectfully submitted

April C. Wootten

Recording Secretary


Secretary Board of Trustees             Date