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Census Information
Census Bureau: Demographics: http://www.census.gov/topics/population.html
America's FactFinder: http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml
American Community Survey: http://www.census.gov/acs/www/

The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies

Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies: Demographics of Minority populations
http://www.jointcenter.org (Main Page)

Population Estimates
(US Census estimate data: Create data tables by state and demographic characteristics)


Missouri Census Information
Raw Data: http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/webrepts/sdcprofiles3/mo/
MO Census Menu: http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/websas/dp3_2kmenus/mo/
Map: http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/pub/webrepts/mocntymap.html
Circular Area Profiles: http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/websas/caps.html
Tract Number (MO): http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/websas/dp3_2kmenus/mo/Tracts/
MO Demographic Profiles: http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/webrepts/sf3pros/moindex.html

Illinois Census Information
Tract Number (IL): http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/websas/dp3_2kmenus/il/Tracts/
Place (IL): http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/websas/dp3_2kmenus/il/Places/
IL Demographic Profiles : http://mcdc2.missouri.edu/webrepts/sf3pros/ilindex.html

STATS Indiana
Includes updated and detailed statistics broken down to County level.
http://www.stats.indiana.edu/ (Main)
http://www.stats.indiana.edu/uspr/a/us_profile_frame.html?S29?C000 (County Profiles)


Census information by Census Tract:

What is a Census Tract?
Census Tracts are: “Small geographical area established by local committees and approved by the Census Bureau, which contains a population segment with relatively uniform economic and social characteristics and clearly identifiable boundaries averaging approximately 1,200 households.

How do I find a Tract number?
There are three ways:
Look at the tract map provided by the U.S. Census bureau. Under the map menu, choose the county you are researching, then in the menu select “[name of county] Tract level base map.” A .pdf file will open and the Tract numbers are marked on the map.

Also, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has a Geocoding system that gives Tract numbers for any given address. 

America's Factfinder now includes census tracts and block groups in its information. Search by address or use the "Reference maps" to find the corresponding census tract number.

Neighborhood Data Gateway: St. Louis, MO-IL:
Neighborhood Data Gateway is a source for data on St. Louis assets and opportunities.

Partners for Progress of Greater St. Charles (MO): http://www.pfpstcharles.com/Home.shtml

PfP Boomers Perceptions Study (Nov. 2013): Most (82%) of Boomer residents indicate a high overall impression of St. Charles County and 73% say it matches their lifestyle

PfP Millennials Perceptions Study (Nov. 2013): Most (83%) of Millennial residents indicate a high overall impression of St. Charles County and 69% say it matches their lifestyle.