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Quilting Resources

Project Information

Quilt Project info (pdf)

February, Block 1 (pdf)
Video Tutorial

"Missouri Star"

March, Block 2 (pdf)
Video Tutorial
"Eastern Bluebird"

April, Block 3 (pdf)
Video Tutorial
"Flowering Dogwood"

May, Block 4 (pdf)
Video Tutorial
"Spirit of St. Louis"

June, Block 5 (pdf)
Video Tutorial
"Prairie Queen"

July, Block 6 (pdf)
Video Tutorial
"Beautiful Missouri"

August, Block 7 (pdf)
Video Tutorial
"Friendship Star"

September, Block 8 (pdf)
Video Tutorial
"Faithful Companion"

October, Block 9 (pdf)
"Trails Through
the Ozarks"

Bonus Block 1 (pdf)
"Scenic Riverways"

Bonus Block 2 (pdf)
"Ferris Wheel"