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Reader's Advisory Websites

More Websites to help you pick the best books!

Search not only by four main genres but also by specific elements such as character type, setting, plotline, etc.

The American Library Association's Booklist magazine

Monthly book reviews distributed nationwide to 2000+ bookstores and libraries

News and reviews on current and upcoming books.  Discussion guides for popular current titles.

Includes detailed reviews from a comprehensive book industry information source

Critical Compendium
Book reviews, and lots of them. You will also find a sizable list of links to book review sections and literary blogs around the world

Fiction Connection
Discover titles similar to books you already enjoy. Must have a Library Card to use

Reviews fiction by various genres

If you like...
Provides lists of authors who are considered similar in style to each other

IndieBound is a family of independent-bookseller websites. In addition to reviews, find access to information and news about local authors and events

International Thrillers Writers
An Association for Thriller Authors, provides inside information on upcoming conferences and on your favorite thriller authors.  It also updates you on the latest releases and provides reviews.

The Monster Librarian
A source for readers of Horror Fiction with Author Interviews, Book Reviews, and information on upcoming releases.

The Mystery Reader
Provides reviews on current mystery novels and has a 5 to 1 'star' ranking system and violence ratings

Reader's Club
Book reviews submitted by site members

Readers' Services Recommendations

Book reviews created by staff at Skokie Public Library (IL) which contains more than 600 recommended titles

Over 3,600 guides available for your book discussion group.

This website dedicated to westerns offers rated book reviews (5 spurs=outstanding, 3spurs=not bad), author info with links to their websites, movie info, news from the world of western literature, awards, and a list of forthcoming titles

The Romance Reader
Provides reviews on current romance novels and has a 5 to 1 'heart' ranking system and sensuality ratings

Romance Writers of America
Romance readers website produced in association with approximately 8,400 romance writers and other industry professionals

Daily book reviews which can be searched with specific author or title information

A site for Science Fiction Readers. Keep up with new releases, read interviews and fiction excerpts

What's Next!
Search for Adult fiction written as part of a series, produced by Kent District Library

Wired For Books
Contains audio and video clips, plus text from modern and classic literature along with author interviews