Request from Another Library -

Request from Another Library


First, please try searching our online catalog again. Check your spelling, verify the title and author using information on the internet, or try a less specific search. Still not found? Request it from another library using MOBIUS.

What is MOBIUS?

MOBIUS is a consortium of 78 member libraries from Missouri and some surrounding states. Through MOBIUS, you can borrow over 29 million items from MOBIUS libraries, and an additional 30 million items from Colorado libraries (via Prospector). 


Why does the Library use MOBIUS? 

Getting an item through MOBIUS is faster, cheaper, and more efficient than getting an item through InterLibrary Loan. Items will arrive in days rather than weeks, have standard lending times, and are able to be renewed by you online without staff interaction.


What types of materials may I borrow from MOBIUS?

Some MOBIUS members may not lend their entire collection but most of what you see in the catalog will be available to borrow. If it is in the MOBIUS catalog and says AVAILABLE then you can request it.


STILL didn’t find what you are looking for using MOBIUS? 

Try Prospector. If the title cannot be found in the MOBIUS network, you may find results in the Prospector catalog. From the MOBIUS page, click the Prospector link at the top of the page to transfer your search.


  Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Materials not owned by St. Charles City-County Library (SCCCLD) may be borrowed from other libraries in the United States. Use the myLibrary Catalog to search for your item. If it is not available, adjust the Select Resources to request an ILL through WorldCat Discovery.

If the item you are looking for is not available in MOBIUS or Prospector you may place an Interlibrary Loan request. For help with MOBIUS, Prospector or Interlibrary loan please use our Ask Us service.