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Nonprofit Services -

State Grants

Most of the money the State Government has available for grants comes from the Federal level which they are distributing where there is need. For success, nonprofits need to show the level of impact their program will have on their local community. It is also very helpful to have the backing of bureaucrats and politicians to campaign for your cause.

There are not many places to look for State grant announcements. It's best to contact the department that is controlling the grant for further information.

Library Resources:

Local / State Funding Report
NRPER at SP (current month +3)
Monthly newsletters to stay current on funding opportunities.

Web Resources:

MO Department of Agriculture
Look under Financial Assistance for Grants, Loans, and Tax Credit Information.

MO Department of Conservation

MO Department of Economic Development
http://ded.mo.gov/(About the DED)

http://www.ded.mo.gov/Community/RedevelopmentAssistance.aspx (Neighborhood Assistance Program)
https://ded.mo.gov/programs/community/YOP (Youth Opportunity Program)

MO Department of Education

MO Department of Health & Senior Services
http://health.mo.gov/living/wellness/nutrition/foodprograms/index.php (Food Programs)

MO Department of Higher Education
Grants & Scholarships: http://www.dhe.mo.gov/ppc/grants/
Loans: http://www.dhe.mo.gov/ppc/studentloans/

MO Department of Natural Resources
http://www.dnr.mo.gov/financial.htm (Community Assistance Office - grants & loans)
http://mostateparks.com/grantinfo.htm (Park Grants)

MO Department of Public Safety

MO Department of Social Services

MO Department of Transportation

Independent Grant-Making Agencies:

Missouri Arts Council

Missouri Humanities Council

Missouri State Library

Regional Arts Commission - St. Louis