For Teens -


This year's Summer Reading theme is all about heroes and the extraordinary. 

10 Creative Writing Prompts for Teens
Want to escape the ordinary by writing?  Why not try out one of these writing prompts and see where it takes you?

Create Your Own Superhero
Marvel's superhero avatar creator.

Do Something
This nonprofit organization's goal is motivating young people to take action for social changes. Find ways that you can be a hero.  

History's Heroes
This is a site about heroes. You'll find people who really did exist - people who made their mark on history.But what sort of people were they? Did they have incredible powers? Or were they more like you and me?

Superhero Name Generator
Find your Supehero name, either randomly or based on your own name!

What is Cosplay?
A short video about what it means to be a cosplayer.