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Teen Book Review

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Rating 5

Reviewed by Elisa, Spencer TAB

Teens have this really bad habit of going to sleep late, but Auden's habit beyond surfing on Tumblr til one in the morning. Auden uses the night as her escape, from her parent's divorce when she was younger to applications for college. When Auden sees her mom finally putting herself back out there, Auden realizes that she might have missed out on the "teenage experience", from going to Prom to the sleepovers, crushes and gossip of friendship. Before it is too late, she decides to spend the summer with her dad and his new wife and baby. Auden knew it would be different but little did she expect to find friends who pull her out of academic isolation, a boy to share the night with, and a spark of adventure in a world she thought she knew the straight path through. In one summer anything can happen, but will Auden have enough time to make up for a childhood she skipped and a teenage-hood that disappeared? This book is one of my favorite Sarah Dessen books. It does not revolve around the typical "love story" and really highlights the importance of getting back up when life pushes you down.

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