Teen Book Review

Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson

Rating 5

Reviewed by Claire, grade 6

For Amy and Dan Cahil, the 39 clues hunt leads them to Egypt, where they only have the slimist hint to guide them.  They recieved (or stole) a luxerous hotel card, and got a 7-level suite.  It was also the home to the Ekat stronghold, where they find 3 Sakhets, but each one of the 3 had a secret compartment, except a 4th one which was solid, no strap.  They were, trapped in the stronghold, got rescued by Nellie, and escaped to a friend of Grace Cahil.  Grace had a package for Amy and Dan which contained the real Sakhet.  They found a compartment & note, which led them to the tomb of Nefertari, they found some hieroglyphics in the tomb, that led them to an ancient flooded city, where they find that the Madrigals have tampered with the clue.  They head back to the hotel with the Ekat stronghold.  But it was destroyed by the Madrigals.


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