Teen Book Review

Bonnie Prince Charlie by G.A. Henty

Rating 4

Reviewed by Victoria, grade 8

When Scottish Captain Leslie secretly married a French Countess, it created an uproar.  At the urgings of the young lady's father and suiter, Captain Leslie was thrown in prinson, never heard from again, and the countess was placed in a convent untill she would obey her fatherss commands.  But what of the child that was rumored be born?  Was he found by his parents enemies and gotten rid of?  or was he still alive and out there?  The child, Ronald, was indeed alive and out there.  His father's faithful companion, Malcom, had taken the child to Scotland and placed him in the care of his brother, visiting the child often.  Now Ronald is grown up and he and Malcom embark on a quest to find Ronald's father, rescue his mother, and place Prince Charlie on the throne.  

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