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Teen Book Review

Boost by Kathy Mackel

Rating 5


Reviewed by anonymous

I recommend this book to anyone who likes an interesting story about sports.  This book is about a girl named Savvy, who just moved to a new town.  She loves to play basketball-it's all she ever wants to do.  She has a fantastic three-point shot, is six foot two, but she's only thriteen!  Even though she's young, she has a chance to be on a high school senior basketball team, Fire.  The only problem is that even though she's taller than almost everyone, she gets pushed aroudn the court by older and stronger players.  How far will she go to get better and be teh best?  I enjoyed reading this book because it will keep you on teh edge the entire time, and you always want to know what happens next.  I related to Savvy becasue I always want to get better at my sprot.  This is a great book for any sport player, and I hope everyone who reads it, enjoys it!

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