Teen Book Review

Candide by Voltaire

Rating 4

Reviewed by Casey, Deer Run TAB

This book was written sometime in the 1700's, however, the english is not that old timed. Candide is about a man name Candide and all of his misadventures through life. He presides in a providence in Germany under the rule of royalty, and this is where he falls in love with the fair Cunnengonde. Candide and Cunnengonde get together briefly one night, are caught, and Candide is kicked out of the beautiful land in Germany. The rest of the book outlines Candide's and his side kick's adventures to find the fair Cunnengonde after he thought she died, then was risen from the brink of death. This story shows many scenes from around the world during this time period, and if you like wit, adventure, and historical events, this book is a must.

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